Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spend free month update...

Once a spender, always a spender I think. I tried very hard but I couldn't last the distance.

I guess a whole month without spending was a little bit unrealistic to launch straight into and I have to be honest and say that somewhere along the way its come a bit undone.

I started off really well and mostly just stayed at home, because then there is no temptation. Im a tactile person so shopping online is not something I do very often so Im safe there.  But as soon as I have to go to the mall, well things fall to pieces.

It started with Little Miss Sunshine needing a one piece swimsuit for school for swimming lessons. She's very tall and long in the body so we usually only buy two pieces, but of course they aren't allowed those for school. So I had no choice but to go and buy her one.  And then had bought a few other things.... telling myself, no I can control it (hahahaha... yeah, not quite!).

The next thing was our mixer is broken.  I like to bake and its hard without a mixer. So I went looking for a new one.  Stu had taken back the broken one and got a refund so Im really not spending as we got the money back, but the problem is I came home with other things .. and still no mixer!!!

Then Little Miss Sunshine joined the all schools choir and they had to wear black pants, no tights and no jeans. She was in the front row too. So I spent a whole day at a local, very large mall that has just about every large chain store you can think of and hunted high and low for black dress pants... of course I came away with no pants.. but a birthday pressie for a friend, and a few other things.

So yep, Im a big fraud who cant go a whole month without spending!!!

But... the next thing we are trying is that dirty B word.... Budget.  Ewwww!!! We've decided on an amount for groceries, petrol and spending and I thats all I will have.

Wish me luck!


Nadiah said...

Good luck!

If it's the same spend-free month campaign I've seen around the place, I'm pretty sure the real point is not so much to not spend anything as it is to become aware of your consumption. Let's face it - there was no way you could not buy the swimmers, and I don't know how you feel about 2nd hand, I'm a big fan of it, but I draw the line at undergarments. I'd count swimmers in that category.

Speaking of which, you're a fellow Brisvegian right? You know about Annerley Junction? There's a little cohort of shops and community centre around the corner which has heaps of kids stuff. I don't know about black pants specifically, but I just scored new high-quality Redback boots for $10 so it's well worth dropping in if you're in the area.

Nadiah said...

You haven't heard of Annerley Junction yet? It's a gold mine. Here, let me give you a Google map: this shows the point at which the group of shops starts, which goes south down Annerley Rd. There are three op-shops in the area - a Lifeline and Aid for the Blind on one side of the road, and Asthma Foundation on the other. The Lifeline is a special one known as the "costume shop", as that's their speciality, however they also specialise in very groovy and alternative clothes. On Waldheim St there is also a community centre tucked between the library and the school. It's open on Mon, Tue, and Fri (I think), and it's a bit hard to see unless you know where it is - the ladies there tell me they're not allowed to have a sign. It's well worth going to the community centre as well, as they have the cheapest stuff (a dollar or 2 a piece) and the most children's stuff.

Fiona said...

Spend nothing for a month? I just couldn't! However my husband and I are fairly controlled with our spending and we don't have kids, so that makes a huge difference!

Jennifer said...

Phew! *breathing a sigh of relief*
I couldn't do it either, Leonie. I haven't bought much, but when I did, I thought of you and felt guilty! I was planning to confess at the end of the month. I just read Nadiah's comments above and it's true, we do need to be aware of our consumption. I certainly am these days, now that I'm a stay @ home Mum. Thanks for being honest! It was hard! :o)