Thursday, August 5, 2010

Traffic light play dough

Both my girls are sick today, full of snuffles and sore throats so they are supposed to be resting.. but they've just come and begged me to make some playdough.  I thought Id share our recipe as its a goodie and lasts for ages. Ive been making this one since Little Miss Sunshine was about 18months old so its tried and true.

traffic light playdough

The girls said it looks like a traffic light

(dont worry I do know the middle should be orange but you cant make bananas from orange playdough!)

Cooked Playdough

3c Flour

1 1/2 c salt

3 tblspn cooking oil

6 tsp cream of tartar

3 c water

Mix together in a large pot. Cook over a moderate heat, stirring frequently until mixture leaves the side of the pot and forms a ball.

Turn out onto a work surface and knead.  I then divide it up and knead in the colours.  (if you just want one colour add it to the ingredients when you measure them into the pot).

Keeps indefinately if kept in an airtight container.

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