Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Upcycling - clothes for my wee girl

Today I made Bubba an outfit using on old top of mine (which hasnt been worn much).  I used The Warhol pattern which I found at MADE.

I didnt take a picture of my top beforehand but here is the NOW...

elise outfit 3

I had some striped knit fabric in my stash so used that for the neckline and made her a pair of leggings.  The leggings were a total fluke. Just cut around an existing pair and hoped for the best. Then had to add a little ruffle of course!


And here's a picture of my friend Jacqui's beautiful 37 week pregnant tummy with the henna painting from her blessingway

jacqui henna tumhenna tum


Jacqui said...

Awesome outfit L! I love it :D Elise looks a little bit stoked about it there lol.....

Renee said...

That is gorgeous!! You're very clever...I wish I could "totally fluke" some pretty leggings as easy as you did :)

Simone said...

Gorgoues outfit; clever tummy. Thinking of you and your dad too.

Leonie said...

thanks Simone and Jacqui.