Monday, September 13, 2010

41st wedding anniversary - what an achievement!

mum and dad

Today my Mum and Dad celebrate their 41st wedding anniversary.

They are an amazing couple and they are still so much in love.  They have weathered many, many storms and have also experienced such amazing joy in their lives together. They are united in their love for each other, their faith and love for God.

So proud of you Mum and Dad. You are the perfect couple.

This time last year my littlest and I jumped on a plane and went back to NZ to surprise them for their 40th - Mum was so surprised she screamed and shut the door!! hahaha was very funny and so very special.

I am working on the yo yo christmas tree tutorial and will hopefully put it up later today.

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Lisa said...

How nice that you got to go and surprise them last year. I love a good surprise. Happy anniversary to your ma and pa.