Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An apology

My post the other day when I was sick and feeling very low has offended one of my friends and I am feeling really sad I made such a blanket statement about all of my friends being too busy for me.  She's a super special person and I absolutely adore her and my intention never was to insult anyone - most especially her. So Im so sorry to anyone who has been offended by it.  I have some very special friends who are wonderful and I am so lucky to have them... hopefully I still do!!!


deb said...

It was obvious you were having a VERY BAD DAY! I'm sure that your friends will understand and be glad that you are feeling better.

Leonie said...

Thanks Deb. I hope so. Fortunately I am feeling much better now.

lee said...

i read ur last post and can fully relate to how u feel. its really nice of u to say sorry and to acknowledge ur friends. im sure the wont hold it against ya we all have these moments :)