Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beautiful Blog

Have you ever found a blog that you absolutely LOVE.... but ... you can't read a word of it?

I have found a beautiful blog that makes me go weak at the knees.. gorgeous pictures..

but....... its in another language (yep, I know so little about languages that I don't even know which one it is!!) but its just lots of loveliness!!

Check out Stipje now!


Merchy said...

Yes, it seems a really nice blog.
Have you tried using Google Translate to understand it?
I use it when I visit blogs written into a language I cannot read.
Why don't you try?

Rhiannon Woest said...

Wow, thanks for sharing that link!! It's late now, but tomorrow I am probably gonna have to spend hours browsing all those beautiful images! I used google translate to translate the page into english, and although it doesn't entirely make sense, at least you get the idea of what the post is about :)

lee said...

mine is, makes me smile all the time!