Monday, September 13, 2010

beautiful one day, perfect the next...queensland..

today was one of those picture perfect Queensland days... absolutely stunning - but not too hot yet (despite the pink colour of my skin tonight!)

After a week of feeling really sorry for myself and feeling really crappy with a chest infection and cold, it was topped off last night with my littlest vomiting everywhere after she went to bed.

So today I decided I was going to change things for the better. So, we jumped out of bed, threw down some cold and flu tablets, tossed the towels and togs in the car along with some cold pizza and drink bottles, and of course my camera and headed to the Sunshine Coast - which is a quick 40 minute drive for us.

We spent the morning wandering through the Caloundra Markets.  The kids enjoyed some yummy potato twists on sticks (not GF sadly) and we bought a few bits and pieces.

 caloundra markets

We then headed to Moffats beach for a swim and a play in the sand... oh yeah and a bit of crafting!!! Check it out at Paisley Jade ... Im a crafting nerd in PUBLIC!! This time it was yo-yo's for the Christmas tree tutorial.yo yos beach

yo yos at the beach

This was the only shot my darling daughter took without a look down my cleveage!!

The kids had a great time playing in the sand and water...  Lovin' these guys.....

kids at beachben beachThis is my new favourite photo of my sweet boy - I love it, gappy teeth and all!

ben jumping beachelise at beach 3keeley beachkeeley at beach

elise at beach

Yep... a perfect day.....


meghan said...

Ah so great to see that you got out and about. I'm sure it did wonders for the soul, and it looks like a great time was had by all!

Renee said...

Ahhhhhh - we love Moffat Beach, too!!! Our "possie" is right in the background of where your gorgeous boy is leaping off the sand.

Glad you guys all had a fab day!

Lisa said...

You are as close to the sunshine coast as we are to the Gold coast. Looks like a fun day. We are still under the weather here too. Off to the doc tommorow, I think I may have a chest infection as well. Today was a gorgeous day, the neighbours were swimming in their pool. Yes summer is on its way. Oh an d good on you for crafting in public!

quilary said...

Hope the sun and surf helped to revive you all a bit, and maybe shake off those buggy germs. I'm sure that all those lovely happy photos will be great medicine too!

Jennifer said...

What a gorgeous family you have! Glad to hear your day at the beach cheered you up! I can't wait for this Christmas tree tutorial (and seriously, don't enter me in the draw because I just won something else last week and I'm starting to feel embarrassed about my streak of good luck!) Jennifer x
P.S. never heard of potato twists before but they sound delish!

Dee said...

Wow, how great to be in sunny Queensland, lucky you! Great choice opting for beach after all the bugs--love it! Love your photos--especially that close up daughter in the stripy top. Stunning! :)