Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Eucharist and Confirmation


On Saturday my two eldest children made the First Holy Communion and Confirmation at Church, which is at their school. 

In the Catholic Church, babies are baptised when they are still very young, so once children are older they are Confirmed as members of the Church, but it is their own choice, rather than solely that of their parents.  They also made their First Holy Communion at the same time, which means they can now participate in Communion at Church.

It was a lovely ceremony but the reality of my parents not being there to share it with us was really hard, just another reminder of how much we want them to be a part of the kid's lives every day. 

As a part of Confirmation the children take confirmation names, it was very special because my daughter took the same confirmation name as my Mum and I, Teresa, and my son took the confirmation name, Francis, which is my husbands middle name, and three of my son's great-grandfather's names.. very special and significant.

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