Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flying under the radar

One could be excused for thinking that I got my 5 seconds of fame (in the latest Parenting Magazine.. just in case you missed it LOL) then took at little bloggy break!

Issue 42 - Current Issue

But no, I have been suffering from man flu... ahem, I mean a chest infection (as if I can lie around moaning about how I am dying and have the WORST flu ever!). Yep, us Mum's dont get sick.

So, I have had a chest infection. About 10 days ago I started hearing this crackling noise when I lay down which was a bit weird and super annoying when I was trying to read and it was competing with the critters living in our walls and roof that were scurrying around!

So I took myself off to the doctor who told me my chest was clear... no crackle or wheezing. Two days later with no sleep from trying to upright while I was sleeping and sucking on my inhaler to the point it was making me dizzy I went to a NEW doctor (give me DRUGS I begged!!!!) who heard the crackle (in both lungs) and gave me antibiotics. Yay! now I can feel better... not quite..

On Friday after two doses of the antibiotics I got hideously nauseous and then an unfortunate problem start (toilets, explosions, no further info needed) and I crawled into bed begging my hubby to feed the beds and put them in the kids...or something to that effect...

So I guess the antibiotics dont agree with me and today I dragged my sorry butt back to the doctors for a different prescription.

Needless to say, I am actually feeling a lot better today so maybe its all the Coloidal Silver I have been drinking is kicking in.

My thoughts and prayers have been with friends and bloggy friends in Christchurch this weekend after the massive 7.2 earthquake. Thoughts and prayers are also with the people across the state of Victoria who are experiencing terrible flooding.  A reminder of how lucky we are here and counting my blessings.

Back tomorrow with a few posts. I have been creating something I am bursting to share!

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meghan said...

Oh the crackling chest sounds NASTY! So good you are on the mend now..I think sometimes it takes Mums longer to recover, since it's not often we ever get to take to our beds when really if we just did it at the start of a sickness for a couple of days, we'd probably be over it so much sooner. But who really has that luxury right?!!!! Hope you continue to feel better!

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh I hope you feel 100% soon! Have been thinking of all the disasters happening and waiting for something to happen here! It is just everywhere in on form or another. CAn't wait for your next post :-)