Monday, September 20, 2010

Kids Clothes Week Challenge

This week is the Elsie Marley Kids Clothes week challenge.

What you do is make clothes for your kids for an hour a day for seven days!

I am joining in because I want to make my boy some PJs

 and these for my littlest - Fisher boy shorts(for girls) !!!!Oh so cute!

image borrowed from MaryJane and Galoshes

tutorial found here...

And some more super simple lazy days skirts for the girls.... like I made last year (yes its my first ever post!)

 skirts 006

A snap wrap dress from here

Oh and this adorable dress!!!

image borrowed from here & Tutorial here

And this gorgeous one here

oh and there are a couple of dozen more things I have saved that I want to make!! haha! but for now I'll just start with those :)


Sharlene Wilson said...

OOO that sounds like fun, i cant do it this week though, maybe next week:)

Lisa said...

ooo I love the look of those shorts... may just make some for the girlies.

Kelly said...

I like those shorts too! I've finished one pair of pants and I'm currently sprawled across the lounge floor with 6 projects on the go at once - we're all sick in this household so DH is off work for the day

Leonie said...

aren't those shorts adorable! I am now hunting through my stash for the perfect fabric!

corrie said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh thanks for sharing that link for the peasant dress! it's just so cute isn't it!

thank you!

Leonie said...

Yes Corrie, it is absolutely adorable!!