Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kids Clothing Week Challenge Day 3

Our boy has been begging for some new pjs and I had picked up a few cheap Bonds tee shirts from a seconds shop.

So in about 30  mins I made him some pj pants and appliqued a piece of the fabric to the tee.

He is STOKED!! and of course is wearing them now (4.30pm)and won't take them off *grin*

pjspj toppj pants

and no attitude from this sweet boy.. just 'Mummy, you are the best Mum and the best sewer in the whole wide world and I love you so much' Aaaah!!! Lovely boy!


Kelly said...

aww glad he likes them - gives me hope that Elijah will like what I make for just a little longer!

And you are a great sewer Leonie!

Karen Mallory said...

He looks a lot happier than your girl!
Just dropping in to say hi and let you know I have one letter left to do in the FRIENDS swap. I guess it is supposed to be mailed and to the person by Khris' birthday. I will be ready to mail on time!!
hugs Karen

Lisa said...

It is no wonder he want to wear the PJ's - they are really cute. Love the fabric your used! PJ's are the only handmade clothing that is still acceptable to my teens. Enjoy sewing for your little ones while you can:)