Sunday, September 12, 2010

A question..

does anyone know if I import my blog from wordpress to blogger - will it still be in wordpress in case anything goes wrong on the transfer???


Kelly said...

I've transferred all my blogger posts to wordpress and they stayed in blogger as well - not sure if it works the same the other way round though - I'm assuming it would. Are you feeling any better today?

Leonie said...

thanks Kelly. Im a bit nervous in case I lose everything but Im keen to move across. Starting to feel a little better this afternoon. Must be over the worst of it now. Phew, hate being sick.

Renee said...

Hey Leonie
Did you figure out how to transfer everything across? I'm currently trying to switch back to blogger (why oh why did I ever move) but am having trouble converting the files from wordpress to blogger. It keeps coming up with an error...did you have any luck?