Saturday, September 25, 2010

Smiles and Laughter Raw (e)


I haven't participated in Sailor and Co's Raw for a while but when I saw this weeks theme I couldn't resist.  ' Smiles and Laughter'.

I have so many photos I wanted to use but chose this one which is a few years old and what I love about it most is the fond memories it evokes, of my two eldest having so many laughs swinging on a tyre swing that we hung in a tree.  It also makes me pine for a beautiful backyard with gardens and big old trees again.. we have NOTHING in the backyard here, where we are renting.

And because I couldnt resist... here's a few more...our littlest has always been super cheeky and Little Miss Sunshine always laughs out LOUD!!!

e laughingkeeley laughing

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Diane said...

All of the pics are precious! :O)