Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Things Im loving...

fresh up

* I am loving shopping for NZ goodies today at IGA... YUMMY apple and fejoa Fresh Up = lots of ooohs and aahss from the kids as we devoured it after school ( I miss real Fejoas!)

* Joining in on Paisley Jade's Craft Nerds Going Public (here).. so here I am crafting at kindy this morning waiting for the door to open

crochet in the car at kindy

I then took it to the doctors and it didn't bother me to crochet in the waiting room but I was WAY TOO CHICKEN to take a picture of me doing it!

So on to the beach... you will notice it isn't getting much bigger... thats because it takes me FOREVER to do one row!!! LOL

crochet at the beach

* This cute face.. complete with sand.. messy beach hair ...elise at beach


*  Using this free photo editing tool Picnik

* This absolutely beautiful beach that is adorning my desktop background.. while I dream of one day living near it....

mangawhai heads

Not loving....

* asthma that is making me feel yuck... and a horrible crackling sound in my lung when I lie down.. which according to the doctor doesn't exist....

* whatever is living in our bedroom wall... please let it be a mouse, please let it be a mouse.... the alternative of the snake variety is not welcome!!!


Simone said...

Sucky bout the asthma and the creature in your wall :(
Great about your public crochet-ing nerdiness!
Tee Hee.
Love that beach.
that photo editing programme looks great too!

Meghan said...

Loving those picnik photos. Will have to check it out.
Thanks for your lovely comments on my photos too.


lee said...

beautiful photos :)

Helen said...

I really hope it isn't a snake either! That would freak me right out!

LOVE all the public nerdiness. Unfortunately my craft is scrapbooking...not so easy to do in public.

Leonie said...

Thanks for your lovely comments. I am pretty sure now its mice in our walls/roof... at least in the lounge Im sure.. They were having a bit of a party last night and I dont think a snake can move in a wall that fast :)