Sunday, October 24, 2010

big BIG NEWS!!

I have big news.... and it has something to do with...... mangawhai heads2010 nz 050

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while would have probably figured out I get homesick a fair bit and despite having made some lovely friends here I miss my family a lot.

At our netball game on Monday night we played a team of women who were all kiwis.  I loved it (apart from the arm injury) because the two ladies I was defending were both chatty and friendly and one of them and I just talked about all the things we miss about NZ.. ice cream, hangi, the rugged beauty of the beaches, the general laidback nature of Kiwis, the list was pretty long.

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I don’t want anyone to get me wrong. I love Australia too. We are so lucky to be given the opportunity to live in a beautiful place with so many fantastic opportunities.

One of my pet peeves is people who move to another country and just trash it because it’s different to their own.  It may be different  to what we are used to, but people who immigrate (or is it emmigrate.. ? too tired to figure it out) here do it for a reason – whether it is for employment, a dissatisfaction with their country of origin..lots of different reasons. And having the opportunity to live in another country should be an honour.  Of course the grass is always greener (cliché but true) and you figure that out along the way.

So while Australia is different to New Zealand in many ways, there are lots of positives about living here in Oz. The pay is better, the country is so vast and beautiful, there is HEAPS to do and we have had so many amazing experiences!  The weather in Queensland is generally warmer and more sunshine hours. And the wildlife is amazing.. oh and they have T2 (is there one in NZ yet?) and my favourite tv show- Offspring.

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Of course there are things I can live without - snakes, poisonous spiders, feisty magpies, hot days where it is impossible to cool down and the grass burns your feet, and sweating as soon as you step out of a cold shower.. ewww!


I think for me it is about who I am in my heart. It is only when I am living overseas that my true patriotism for NZ is really evident. It makes me so darn proud to be a Kiwi!!!

I went to the USA as an exchange student when I was 18 years old and loved every minute of it. I can recall times of homesickness around Christmas and my birthday but generally was ok.  Now it is so much more about our children. It is a constant reminder that we cant share special moments with their extended whanau.  These reminders are on birthdays, school events, when they play sports... you get the picture.

For a lot of Kiwi’s living in Australia is perfect for them and they will stay and that is great!!

I miss my family terribly (as I have repeatedly told you on this blog) and I have a very simple but important dream. I want to get together regularly with my family and I want our children to have a close relationship with their grandparents, aunties, uncle and cousins. I have this idea of us all meeting at my parents (or somewhere) every Sunday for lunch and then a game of cricket in the backyard. Im a simple gal!

So on that note,  I am very excited that we are making plans to move HOME in January!

The plans are being made, they aren’t perfect and for a period of time there will be separation within our little family. But school has been arranged for our dear children and my parents are so excited they will get to see my youngest start her first day of school.

I will miss the lovely friends I have made here and they will always be welcome to come and visit us (HINT HINT!!!) and fortunately through the likes of facebook and email we can keep in touch. 

It will be very hard for our children to leave the beautiful friends they have made too.  Our eldest has some absolutely BEAUTIFUL friends and they are so special.

But in my heart a Kiwi I am and that is always who I will be KIWIATHEART.


Gail said...

Wow! That is big and exciting news! I can feel you jumping!!
I love the point you make about enjoying where you are - too true that there are many who trash the differences between countries! The choice would be to enjoy what you have, all the time!

Kelly said...

Wow! really big news huh? I can feel your excitement in that post - and you're right the grass is always greener BUT I think your home country will always be home. I went on a student exchange in 96 to Paraguay - OMG I got sooooo homesick! But AFS said the only way home was by boat unless I stayed to finish the year - of course they were lying and I switched host families instead :)

So glad to hear you have made a decision that makes you so happy

Jennifer said...

I am sooo happy and excited for you (and just a teeny tiny bit jealous! in a nice way though :) ) You are right about the attitudes of many who move overseas and can't see the good about a place. I try to live by the saying 'bloom where you are planted' and that has really helped me to appreciate life over here even though I miss home so much. And my goal is, now that we have a child, to get back home every year for a visit, so that she can learn to identify with NZ as much as I do. And when she's a teenager, send her on a student exchange there! Tee hee :) Okay so now I'm rambling but I am just sooo thrilled for you all, I know how much this means for you and your extended family must be so happy about your decision. I look forward to hearing about it all!!! Jennifer x

Renee said...

Congratulations on "coming out" with your decision :) Like Jennifer, I am extremely jealous :( :( But I guess you make your bed so you have to lie in it...and you guys have made a very transportable one and we have made a very permanent one which will take some shifting!!
Good luck with the plans, let me know if there is anything I can help with!

deb said...

I'm so happy for you! I hope it all goes well xxx

Sarah said...

How exciting!! I know what you mean, family is everything. It's so nice for our girls to have their family so close to us - such a different sort of relationship to what they have from afar. And yes there is a T2 in Auckland but I don't think it's as good as the Aussie ones.

lee said...

yay thats great for u and ur family!! grandparents will be forever thankful im sure ;)

PaisleyJade said...

What exciting news!!!

I never realised how proud I was to be a kiwi until I traveled overseas... when we were in Israel I was so excited to find another kiwi there!

All the best with your exciting plans!!

Fiona said...

Oh Leonie, I haven't spent much time on the computer over the last few days, so I am SO sorry I missed your news and probably seemed a little taken back when you mentioned it last night. Just reading your post it is so obvious that you have made a desixion that is so right for you and your family. And you know how much I too miss my parents etc, so I am just so happy for you all. I wish you all the very best, and will be so sorry to see you leave our shores - but I do get it. xxxxx

Miss Prudence said...

Home is where the heart is and that's why you just can't nest here properly! So happy for you that you are going to be home with your