Monday, October 25, 2010

Loving these sweet kids...

kids at beach

On Saturday I was reading Widge's Post here and it really got me thinking.

At times I struggle with parenting, particularly now my children are heading out of the pre school phase and in a few short months will all be at school.

I thought I had it pretty much sussed in dealing with preschoolers (not all the time but a fair bit of it!). I did ALL the parenting courses I could and have all the books!

I have learned recently that a certain beautiful 9 year old who was a strong willed and feisty 3 year old is now bigger and still as feisty with more vocabulary and a lot more defiance!

I have learned recently that a sweet boy who breezed through the terrible twos/threes is now learning to stick up for himself, sandwiched between two strong willed girls.

I have learned recently that a gorgeous wee almost 5 year old, if not given enough opportunities to 'experience' things, will start to act out. How do you introduce the concept of time out to a child who has rarely needed it?

But despite all the learning we are doing together, one thing remains, the feeling of absolute JOY when I hear beautiful words spoken from other people about our children. It makes it all worthwhile.

My darling boy's teacher emailed me on Friday to tell me he is BLOOMING and how she wishes she could bottle his smile.  She also told me to tell the Principal at his new school that he is getting one BRIGHT boy.  OH SO PROUD!

My beautiful eldest went to a birthday party last weekend, a sleepover with about 11 girls, all 9 years old. When I went to pick her up as soon as I arrived the mother (of the birthday girl) started telling me what a BEAUTIFUL and COMPASSIONATE and LOVELY daughter I have.  I was overwhelmed as she just kept going on and on and on about how wonderful MY girl is. OH SO PROUD!

And my precious, almost 5 year old, is so loved and adored everywhere she goes.  Recently at Kindy I was watching mat time. At the end of mat time they hold up cards with each of the children's names on... and here is my little girl calling out (almost) all of them!! Wow!  And other parents keep telling me how bright and lovely she is to spend time with at kindy. OH SO PROUD!!!

So despite the times (like during the school holidays where they fought non stop) we find it tough and I feeling like crawling under a nice quiet rock to hide, I am OH SO PROUD of my darlings!!!  It feels like we are raising beautiful kids with great personalities. AND IT ROCKS!!!!

(and I am going to reread this post when I have pms and they are fighting over which plate to eat off!!)


Gail said...

Yikes, you mean the strong and fiesty is here to stay???

I so know what you mean - it is s reassuring when you hear from others that your children are growing up in the way we hoped - and that those dinner time battles re: table manners and politeness, aren't just going through one ear and out the other... but are being reserved to be used at dinner elsewhere!
I love it when the kindy teachers tell me that the 4 year old boy who stands in the thinking corner for not co-operating with me at home is so welcoming and friendly towards new children.
and that miss-lawyer is miss sensible and responsible at school.

meghan said...

Gorgeous kids! It's always so nice to get that great feedback. You know your love is unconditional no matter how well behaved (or not) your kids are, so sometimes it is hard to know how other people really view them. So lovely that you've had those great comments. It does make all the 'crappy' times pale into insignificance hey :-) For now anyway!

Yay for moving back to NZ too!