Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Loving/not loving- team sport for the aging...

I was inspired by Simone's post today over at Great4kids about things she is loving/not loving so I thought Id join in too.

I was going to call this post - team sport for the aging... lol... because


playing my second game of netball last night (after... 20 something years.. ahem) and running into my opponent with my arm out and jarring it from my wrist to elbow.. very painful. And no sleep because I was in pain...


A trip to the doctor and subsequent xray to confirm nothing is broken.. just sore and a pinched nerve. I am nearly 40 and I have never broken a bone so I was a bit worried my record would be tarnished.


this guy...


(he doesnt normally have a blond attachment on his back...)

for taking the day off work to help me drive the kids to and from kindy and school and getting to have lunch with him (an absolute RARITY without family around to help with the kids) in this beautiful spot

aussie pics 085

mmmm..... I had seafood risotto... soooo good and the scenery - stunning.

He is also making dinner, cleaning up, hanging out washing... Im soooo grateful because for the next couple of days I am strictly on FRICE!!  Fudge, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation :)  .... yeah I know, the fudge bit is because on the weekend we made YUMMY russian fudge....and its gotta help, right?

 Not loving... that its taking me a very long time to type this one handed and not my normal hand. I also discovered today I CANNOT write my name left handed... my four year olds writing looks better!

LOVING ... a trip to the endocrinologist to find out my thyroid levels are FINALLY normal - this is a huge thing for me after 13 years of battling with it. Lets hope its stays that way.


Nadiah said...

Yay for supportive partners! I've got a lot of love for mine too right now with his helping out while I do extra volunary work for the Qld Fair Trade Collective. Sorry to hear your wrist is bung, but I'm glad it's not broken.

Jennifer said...

Leonie, you are the BEST!!! I just received mail from you :o)

Sorry to hear about your arm! Hope it gets better soon... although sounds like there's been lots of nice things that have come out of all this! And I'm so glad to hear that you had a good report regarding your thyroid! Awesome!

Jennifer said...

I can never remember how to do smiley faces on wordpress blogs! :)