Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shares in Australia Post

This week I think I should have been entitiled to shares in Australia Post.

I sent all my giveaways, 2 swaps and the first lot of Christmas gifts to family in the USA. 

Here's some sneak peeks of what I have sent... 

sneak peek 3sneak peek two

 (lots of doily lovin' going on here..)

I was so shocked to find out that with Australia Post the minimum is Airmail. Whatever happened to sending stuff overseas surface post?  (for the Chrissy Pressies). It is sooo expensive now.  AND it cost me only 50c more to send a package to NZ compared to sending an identical package across the city of Brisbane.. go figure!

Anyway, Im not actually complaining (well maybe a wee bit). Im just annoyed at myself for being a procrastinator because just a few weeks ago my hubby was in NZ and could have given all my pressies for the USA to my sister in law who is there this week... that would have been just tooooo organised for me!

It is a huge relief to get everything in the mail as I have been avoiding the Post office for the last few weeks... with school holidays, flooding and storms etc. 

AND today my new NZ passport arrived!  My old one expired in January and I have been.. um... procrastinating ... about that too.  So its here, its fancy schmancy with its e-chip thingy and my hubby will now be lining up with the kids in the queues while i swan through the fancy schmancy e-passport queue..... hahaha.  Pity the picture is so blergh though... my old one was actually nice!  Oh and I have finally got a passport in my married name... yes 10.5 years since we married (but passports were valid for 10 years and I had to renew it before the wedding for our honeymoon).... ok, yes Im rambling.

Im also very excited that the Aussie dollar was last night at 99.93 US cents.  How cool is that!!!  Time for a wee bit of US shopping I think.   ... just don't tell my hubby....


Jennifer said...

Are you SERIOUS!? 99.93 cents!? Oh man... nice for you guys but not great for us! Funnily enough I too just picked up some passport applications for my hubby (renewal) and Abbey. It's so strange to think that Abbey will have a US passport. I tend to think of her as a New Zealander like me that just happens to live over here! Of course I will get her an NZ one too :) Enjoy your weekend!

clare's craftroom said...

Oops not sure if the first one went in , sorry .

clare's craftroom said...

I'm thinking of some shopping too so I won't tell if you won't !