Tuesday, November 16, 2010

30 days of me- day 4- a habit to change

I have rewritten this post over and over.. Only one habit?  lol...but when it comes down to it I think my habit Id like to change is that I am a worrier.

I worry about too many things I can't change and I'm pretty sure I make myself sick over it.

I would like to change this because it uses up time and energy and if I can't change it anyway I need to learn to give it to God and move on (my mum always said when we were growing up, let go and let God, very true).

So, Im going to concentrate on worrying less and living more because we only get this life and I dont want to look back at all the time Ive wasted worrying about things I cant change.


Sarah said...

Have you read 'The Power of Now'? If not, I'd recommend it ;) It's one of those books I need to reread every once in a while to remind me to be present in the now. I won't ramble on - the book says it all - powerful reading x

Jennifer said...

Oh I know... ME TOO.

Kelly said...

ditto - and I know that sometimes it's over silly things that really don't matter and all the 'what ifs?'