Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 days of me -day three

Day three.. a picture of me and my friends.  Oooo.. this a tough one because I am a camera avoider!! (hmmm might have something to do with those double chins!)

Here's a few I found...

my kiwi friends (taken before I moved over here.. 2.5 years ago)

nz friends 2

And a few of my special friends in Aussie... although the one on the far right, we were friends in NZ and now both live here :) AUSSIE FRIENDS


I have also met some 'new' bloggy friends recently which deserves a post of its own .. and I keep forgetting to get a pic of Renee and I together.


Renee said...

Yeah, I'm like you...I don't do photos!! Sorry!

Will reply to your email today, too :)

Simone said...

Good onya for posting more pics of YOU Leonie!
I ws always a camera avoider until the day I realised that if i got knocked over by a bus, my kids would have NO IDEA what i looked like.
These days I practise my cheesy grin and take chinless self portraits (hold the camera up high pointed DOWN at yourself... works every time!)

Lovely bunch of freinds... they'll all be pleased to hook up with you again?

Sophie said...

Hey Leonie, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on the blog today! Yay for commenters! Heard lovely things about you over at Simoney's! :) Its amazing how many Kiwis (and Brits) are over here in Oz eh?! We were in Auckland for just 16 months but I miss NZ a lot and of course all the lovely friends there too!