Monday, November 29, 2010

when 5 years feels like 5 minutes

tinker 3

Today, my sweet baby girl is turning 5. Wow, how on earth did we get here so quickly?

She was our little surprise, a very much loved and wanted surprise.

A letter to my beautiful wee girl on her 5th birthday,

On 29th November 2005, after a 25 minute labour you rushed into the world and stole my heart.  Our midwife was barely in the room to catch you so Daddy had to do that.  Straight away we could see the beautiful wee dimple on your right cheek and we knew we had a little girl full of personality.


Right from the start you have been a bright little light in our family.  You has the most amazing sense of humour.

funny elise

Your big blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair have captured people's attention everywhere we go.

canon photos 127blondey


you have a great sense of adventure, are very creative and love your family very very much

 elise taronga zoo

you have just about finished a year at kindy and you are ready for the challenges of school. You are chomping at the bit to read and I know you will thrive at school.

You are caring and loving friend. You are compassionate to other people's needs.

beautiful girl

You are beautiful my sweet sweet girl and we love you SOOO much. Happy Birthday sweetheart.


Renee said...

Awww...what gorgeous photos. Happy birthday, Elise!!

Best of luck for this morning, Leonie...thinking of you.

Leonie said...

thanks Renee!! She has had a wonderful day.

Cat said...

what a beautiful little bean!
it does go so fast doesn't it?

love and light

corrie said...

awwww happy birthday! she's gorgeous! time does fly..


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