Monday, December 6, 2010

At our house...

At our house it is the first day of the school holidays... my kids get nine weeks this summer... lucky kids!!!

And speaking of summer.. well, it seems Brisbane (well the whole of Queensland and northen NSW too) has forgotten what summer means.. you know, heat, humidity, sunshine.. SUNSHINE PEOPLE!!! It has been raining here for weeks and today it is absolutely pouring down and there's thunder too.  Many places are flooded and people being evacuated. People have even died, which is very, very sad. We are very fortunate as our house is up high, very fortunate.

When we first moved here the dams were almost empty and water restrictions were very tight. I remember it being 3-4 months of nothing but sunshine.. not a cloud in the sky.  How different it is at the moment. They have been releasing water from the dams recently.

Visions of our school holidays lazing on a beautiful Sunshine coast beach day after day have been replaced with playdough, books, dvds and whatever else we can find that means we don't need to venture out of the house.

And we are all full of head colds... yes, again.

We had a family/family friend bbq yesterday to celebrate little Miss 5 years old birthday and I had been debating whether to go ahead, because she's not been very well.

Well, she seemed fine yesterday morning (you know, running around like a mad thing) but midway through the bbq I could tell she wasn't herself. After everyone left I took her temperature, 39.4! poor wee poppet... this is how she spent late yesterday afternoon....
elise asleep

 crashed out on our bed... in her party dress and all.  And then Miss 9 year old fell asleep too! Almost unheard of in these parts.

So today we are chilling. The kids are creating... thanks to a great big craft box of goodies Miss 5 recieved as a gift yesterday. And we are keeping Kleenex in business.


Widge said...

wow I hadn't heard about the terrible flooding you guys are having until I read your post. That's awful. This year just seems to have been a crazy one for alot of people aye.
My kids still have another week and a half at school (phew) ;)
Hope you get to hit those beaches soon

Kylie said...

I hear you on the rain - LOL - Have friends that have moved from America and they cant believe how much rain we are having - they dont think that it is very sunny at all.
I thin that they can officially declaire that the drought has ended.

What part of Brisbane are you in? We are north side - maybe we should have a meet up in the new year.

Sally said...

Oh I hope your dear girl is feeling better... and I hope the sun is shining soon.

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

There is so much rain at the moment, isn't there? Even Melbourne feels tropical at the moment with the hot weather and rain that seems to be alternating.

I hope you all get better and the sun begins to shine soon so you can enjoy your outdoor summer holiday! Lou.

Sue said...

She looks like a sleeping princess there. Very sweet. Even though it is winter here in California, U.S.A. we usually have a bit warmer weather. This year it is raining and actually cold. I love it because it makes the Christmas season much more cozy.