Saturday, December 18, 2010

A change of address

Do you ever wish you could just move.. to somewhere you can start afresh.. with no baggage.. just a new home ready to fill with beautiful things your heart desires?

Well, welcome to my new home. Please come in and make yourself at home. I'm still unpacking so its a bit of a mess and apparently some of the furnishings have been lost in the move ..

From now on I will be blogging from here. Its all shiny and new and I have very little baggage... hopefully when I can I will add some posts from my previous blog.. but at the moment I want to keep blogging so I'll just keep going.

Its a bit messy because I still have some unpacking to do but as soon as I can get back into the 'old place' I will try to bring across as many of the posts as I can.

I am sad because I have lost all my followers :( So please follow me here - I will be eternally grateful. And I have lost all my comments, and half my posts .. but we'll see what happens, maybe I'll get them back.

Settle in, grab a cuppa and if you are one of the first five to follow me again, a little gift will come your way in the new year to show my appreciation.



Notchka said...

Oh no Leonie - what happened? Hope you enjoy the new home - I love the banner. Merry Christmas to you and your family, you must be getting ready to come home soon? Hope that move goes well for you :)

Fiona said...

Wow - what happened? Hope you get settled in your new blog home soon!

Meg said...

Hi!! Hope the big move works out for you :o)

Vintage Mum said...

so nice to see you on blogspot but it really sucks you lost most of your posts :(

Leonie said...

well my prayers have been answered - thankfully Deb from Works in Progress told me about Google reader and because I follow my own blog ... my posts are in there!!!! YIPPEE!! now I just need to cut and paste them all... all in good time. Im quite excited about my new blog space :)

MNM's said...

Gosh....I'd be so devastated if I lost my blog so lovely to see that you have managed to find a way to recover the posts. Phew.....
And loving the new blog look anyway :-)

Simoney said...

Welcome to Blogger!! I think you will love it. Bummer about losing your old blog?! That's gotta make an interesting read?

Lady Muck said...

Hi Leonie,

Thanks for letting me know you changed location! New look site looks great and I hope you haven't lost too much from the other one. xx

Renee said...

Oh no!! What forced the move?? But welcome to blogspot - I'm sure you'll be very comfy here :D It is a great blogging platform.

Because I'm not home at the mo - could you send Kelly a msg about the link to your yo-yo tree tutorial changing so she can update it on jot? She might not have remembered.

Happy blogging!!