Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cruising into Christmas

This year has been a strange lead up to Christmas. Usually Im stressing to finish last minute things, rushing to buy last minute gifts and trying to fit in just too much and keep too many people happy.
(the photo above is me when I was a wee one - not really liking my visit to Santa)

But this year I feel like Im just cruising into Christmas.
The pressies are wrapped, the baking is done, the house is er.. um.. a mess! and believe it or not I feel totally relaxed  - I even slept in till 8.30 this morning!

So what is different?

I think the big thing is I have taken the expectations off myself.

I did my shopping early and we had a budget, I had a list of sewing to do and I reprioritised (is that a word?) so only the most important would need to be done.  Theres still a bit to finish when everyone is in bed tonight.
Ive made decorations and delivered (almost all of them), Ive made stockings which are hanging in their new homes ready for the fulla in the red suit.

We also have had almost three weeks of school holidays already so plenty of time without the daily rushing and our end of year school things were over with weeks ago.

Another thing thats making me more relaxed is our simple menu for Christmas day. I have coeliacs and Im also not eating sugar or processed grains so its pretty easy to come up with an easy menu.

We are having Christmas breakfast at our place with my cousins and uncle and so the menu is pretty simple. Bacon, eggs, sausages, pancakes (made by Miss 9 -she's the expert) and a bowl of fresh fruit.  Simple.

We are planning to go to the beach for lunch and have prawns (yum) and marinated chicken with salads. Simple.  If its raining we are just going to stay home and treasure a quiet day with each other.

Christmas is also my hubby's birthday so we will also celebrate his special day too.
Yesterday and today we have baked gingerbread (super easy recipe from here) and tomorrow the kids will put together and decorate their gingerbread houses (and probably their tummies too!).

The groceries are all done (just fresh strawberries left to buy).

On Tuesday the kids had some money arrive in the mail for Christmas so we spontaneously decided to go to the Mall for dinner and so they could spend their money. The mall was so quiet (phew!) and we even squeezed in a photo with Santa (first time in years my children would do it).

We then went for a drive to check out the Christmas lights... although theres something a bit disconcerting about trudging around in the dark on country roads in rural Australia... (snakes!!!).
I forgot to take my camera and actually enjoyed the lights instead of just worrying about taking pics! I managed to snap a few on my phone.. but cant find the lead to connect it to the computer! ha!

So I like this 'new' me in what is a potentially stressful time of year. Long may it last.

I am thinking about my family in NZ who I would dearly love to be with too :)

The only thing that I would like to change is my children constantly practicing their communication skills!! The fighting!! oh my!


PaisleyJade said...

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas - those little houses are so sweet!

emerson-j said...

i got those russian doll measuring cups too, aint they cute! im glad ur relaxed its def a hard time of year for me to relax. we have 2 small kids but it is always us driving approx 4 hours xmas day to see both families..its insane!

Fiona said...

The idea of Christmas lunch on the beach sounds wonderful - if a little weird - to those of us shivering up here in the northern hemisphere!! I'm hoping to be similarly relaxed about Christmas preparations after I've collected the meat and veggies this morning ... then everything's ready!

Have a great Christmas with your family!

Lady Muck said...

So glad to hear you are having a relaxed Christmas. Maybe I'll learn by next year to do the same! Expectations can take a huge amount of management this time of year!

Every blessing to you and your family for this Christmas and I look forward to many more amazing posts from you in 2011 :)

LM x

Cat said...

that is the way to do it Leonie!
good on ya!

love and light

Gail said...

Sounds like you've got it sorted for sure! Hey hon, I've only just read my emails and found you again!! Yay!! Have a great Christmas!!xx