Thursday, December 2, 2010

Family Traditions

We have certain little traditions in our family, as Im sure everyone does.

Some of ours are - most weekends we have pancakes for breakfast. This used to be on Saturdays but now that our kids play sport its usually on a Sunday. And now Little Miss Sunshine is usually the one cooking them - because she makes the BEST pancakes!

At Christmas we have an added tradition because Christmas day is also my husbands birthday, so breakfast is always about him - because birthdays are very special in our house. He gets a birthday cake and pressies and then we celebrate Christmas for the rest of the day.

Another tradition we have is for each of our children's 5th birthdays I have made them a photoboard, a snapshot (well a lot of snapshots) of their first 5 years.

I LOVE creating this for them as it gives us a chance to look at the photos and talk, laugh and reminisce.

This weekend I hurriedly put together one for my newest 5 year old....


We always put a current favourite picture in the centre.  The kids LOVE seeing themselves right from a newborn through to now.

Here are the photoboards I created for the other two...which are looking a little worse for wear.. with letters missing...

keeley photoboard

 ben photoboard

Im thinking that with my eldest turning  '10' next year it might be time to put all our favourite photos into a photo book for her.. and start a new tradition....and then maybe we can save them all for their 21st :)

What are your special family traditions?


Sue said...

I love this poster board idea and will be sharing it with my DIL's. And happy early birthday to your hubby.

Jules said...

Great idea, especially being a new mum, might have to remember that for the future! Last year I started a new tradition of making a calendar with photos from throughout the year. Makes it all the more exciting to turn the page each month. And this year I've made one for my parents too!

Lisa said...

Loving the photo boards!

Becs said...

Love the photoboards!!! Kids just love being told their story don't they! Great idea! We're just new in creating traditions so am loving the inspiration!

Meghan said...

I totally meant to comment on this post and then forgot. I love love love this idea. I've decided when my biggest turns 5 next year, I'm going to make him a photobook of his first five years...inspired by these photoboards. I'm not suprised your kids love them...what a wonderful family tradition to put in place :-)

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