Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gingerbread lane

On Christmas Eve (day) I think our family created a new tradition for us.  We spent hours, together, laughing and creating Gingerbread houses.

We made four houses. One for us and three to give to my cousins and uncle for Christmas.

I was the architect. The day before I designed and made the wall and roof pieces.

My hubby was definitely the builder. The houses he built were perfectly lined up and the 'mortar' (royal icing) was so neat and tidy... mine looked.. well.. a bit more interesting - you know, creative like!!

Little Miss 5 and Daddy made one together and  Mstr 7 and Miss 9 each made one themselves, as did I.

There was a LOT of lolly eating.. A LOT!!

and here's a few of the details, because all these colours are so fun to photograph!

Once they were finished we wrapped them in cellophane and would you believe.. our one is still wrapped!

and the miracle was... they didnt fall down (as usually happens when I make gingerbread houses!)
Can't wait to do it again next year !!!


Cat said...

those houses look lovely!
good job mamma

love and light

Fiona said...

They look delicious .. and very pretty! Not sure I'd have been able to resist the temptation to eat one straight away!!

meeks said...

I would love to try and do gingerbread houses next year. I love the way you sorted the lollies! The houses turned out great! Well done!

Fay said...

How cute! They look awesome!!

The Clip Cafe said...

They are great!! We have a couple (cheated though Ikea kits) to do over the holidays :-)