Thursday, December 2, 2010

My creative space.. party planning

This week was my daughter's 5th birthday and on Sunday we had a party for her with her kindy friends.

I LOVE planning birthday parties, it is something that gives me so much joy. I love figuring out all the little details and I usually get something in my head and go from there, drawing inspiration from the internet, books etc.

However, I hate spending lots of money on parties. I scour op shops, make decorations and aim to spend as little as possible.

For this party, because we have no garden with trees etc I had an idea that I would paint a BIG tree as a scene setter.

Here's what we (and I mean WE - everyone gets into it here :)) made.....
pixie hollow

I bought some calico - 5 metres of 1.4m wide (bonus it was on special for $2/m), cut it in half and sewed it down the middle... so its now 2.8mx2.5m..

Then on friday my daughter and I started painting it on a tarpaulin on the garage floor. I quickly painted an outline of the trunk, then the two of us used sponges and a ton of green paint to fill in the background of where the leaves would go (lucky me picked up a 2 litre of green kids paint for $5 a while ago and its done two parties so far).  On Saturday after it had dried I made potato stamps in the shape of leaves and gave all 3 kids a plate of paint (different greens) and asked them to stamp leaves all over the tree.
leaf stamp

We then used a sponge to put glitter over the top (it was for a tinkerbell party after all). I whipped up a small string of bunting and then filled in the bottom with toadstools and a sign.

I LOVE how it turned out.

Believe me - it was cheap but effective.I probably spent less than $20 on it and it will be kept to hang in a bedroom or family room in the future... along with the toadstool cushions I made .. and the fairy lights after christmas.. ahh... I love party preparation... Check back here in a few days for more party pics.

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elizabeth said...

This looks great!! And something the kids will remember making too, I'm sure! It's always ore meaningful to do things as a family and make memories! (as well as craft)

Monex said...

.I m joining Melissa over at for a paint party today so I ll be sharing my favorite paint colors. So hop on over the party if you are looking to make some paint changes.