Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Teacher gifts

Inspired by this post at Little Gumnut, I went hunting for some glass bowls at the op shop that I could use to pop some Christmas treats in for the kids teachers.

Imagine my delight when I found these great APPLE shaped glass bowls. 6 of them for $12 - perfect. Then a local op shop happened to have one too (as I really needed 7)

apple bowlapple bowls

So I made three different types of fudge (Russian, Dark Chocolate, White Choc.. recipe to come) and popped them in the bowls then popped them in a cellophane bag with a tag.

apple tag

The tag idea was from this apple tutorial (she uses it to put in a frame.. but I loved, LOVED this idea). Some of the apples I used to make cards for the teachers/principal I wanted to write a big message inside.

 apple tag card

This year for my two eldest's teachers I made them an apron each and bought them a recipe book.  Donna Hay Chocolate for Mrs N and Gluten free four ingredients for Mrs S (who like me cannot have gluten)

mrs n apronmrs s apron

things are a bit slow around here at present. I have had a cold/flu for 10 days and I am not gettting any better. It turned into a chest infection straight away and I am on my second lot of antibiotics (which my poor tummy hate!) and taking all sorts of herbal remedies - olive leaf, horseradish, vit c, garlic... and yet Im not getting better. My ears are blocked and its like listening to people talk underwater, my chest hurts, my temperature keeps spiking... and I just want to sleep - all the time ... I am so frustrated as nothing is getting done for Christmas!!


Jennifer said...

Aww I am so sorry to hear you are under the weather, Leonie :( Hope you are feeling better really soon! Ten days is far too long to be feeling so miserable! *hugs*

Your kids' teachers will love their gifts! What a nice Mum you are putting in so much time and effort. How perfect were those apple shaped bowls that you found!? Love the apple cards/gift tags as well. Jennifer x

Widge said...

wow those gifts are fab!!! LOVE those apple tags and how awesome you found those apple shaped bowls!

Coral said...

I love your gift idea. I need to say I enjoy reading your posts. Love the pool party. Many times my children went for a swim in the bath. Hope you feel better soon.

jacksta said...

Wow! Lucky teachers! I love the apple card. Great idea!

Sarah said...

Wow, amazing gifts and presentation! So beautiful and I am sure the teachers will be so touched with your thoughtful, creative and beautiful gifts.

I am sorry to read you are unwell. I've not been great either, but not as bad as you. It's extremely frustrating. Hugs and well wishes xx

Miriam said...

Those are awesome the teachers will be thrilled, Well done you

Lisa said...

Even while sick you manage to create amazing gifts! Go you. Hope you are better soon. xxx

Simone said...

Oh you are so darn crafty clever!
I love those bowls. Love those tags. Love that fudge and darn it! Love the way you seem to think nothing is getting done...??!!!

Leonie said...

thanks for all your lovely comments. Confession is that all this was done prior to me getting sick.. my poor kids have been on school holidays for over a week now :)

deb said...

Oh Leonie, you are having a sucky year healthwise. Big hugs to you xxx

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