Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yo Yo Christmas Tree Tutorial

What you will need:
Compass (raided the hubby’s tool box for this)
Cardboard – I recycled cardboard from cereal boxes and the inserts they use for fat quarters at Spotlight
PVA glue
Fabric marker pen
 Scissors – sewing and paper
Fabrics (a selection of the colours you want to use)
Needle and thread (i just used white for all of them)
Dowel (for big tree I used
Wooden cotton reel (perfect are old vintage style ones – I have a few but would love a whole box of them!!)
Optional : tulle of various colours
1.       Using your compass, ruler and cardboard, make 18 circle templates of the following sizes for the large tree (diameter) 220mm, 210mm, 200mm, 190mm, 180mm, 170mm, 160mm, 150mm, 140mm, 130... etc to 50mm.
2.        Cut out templates

3.       Draw one of each size onto your chosen fabrics.

4.       Make each circle into a yo-yo. Here’s a couple of pictures of how I do it but there are plenty of great tutorials on the internet. Thread  your needle leaving a long tail.

5.       Make all of your yo-yo’s. Try not to tie off the smaller ones too tight as they need to fit over the dowel.
6.       Take your cotton reel and piece of dowel and glue the dowel inside the cotton reel (i used pva glue)

7.       If you are going to use tulle.. cut several strips as wide as the yo-yos you are putting it below.  Sew a running stitch by hand across the top of the tulle and pull it into a circle.

8.       Start layering your yo yos onto the dowel, including the tulle layers.. I cut a little snip in the underside of my yo-yo’s so the dowel could feed through it nicely.
9.       You could place a bead on the top to hold them all down. 
10.   I then trimmed my dowel with a saw (also raided from my hubby’s tool box).
11.   Pop a star of your choice on top.

Ta Da – you are finished.

To make an itty bitty tree...

I bought a packet of wooden spools from the kids craft section at Spotlight.
 For the stick I used some large sized match sticks and broke off the pink bit at the top.

Make only 10 yo-yo’s from size 50mm – 140mm.
Assemble as with the larger tree (I didn’t use tulle for this one as its already quite full looking)
When you’ve made your tree be sure to head to the Flicker group and share it J


Val said...

Hi Leone, I have just discovered you from Dolly Donations and I am in with the softies for New Zealand, but this little tutorial is just fantastic, I shall be giving these out next Christmas to family and friends :0)
Val xx Oxfordshire UK

Thea said...

Wow, it's gorgeous, I love it!!