Saturday, February 27, 2010

Birthday wishes to a special Nana

mums dreamworld pics 289Today is my Mum's birthday. My youngest is very sad because she wants to go to her party. We've been trying to explain to her that she's not having a party but she doesnt understand because last year was Mum's 60th and my family came over to visit us in Australia for her birthday and we had a party. We had a great holiday with them too - Brisbane is a great place for a holiday, even if you live here :)

I thought I would share the album I made Mum for her 60th. I painted a page white at the beginning and left it blank so everyone could add their messages.  The album was made of wood and of course I hunted high and low to find something to bind all the pages together. In the end I bought a ring binder folder and ripped the ring bit out of the middle, redrilled the holes where i wanted them on the pages and then put it all together... Mum totally loves it. (excuse the pics. the collage hasnt quite worked out .. but you get the idea :) )


crafts ive made-1 












Happy Birthday Mum, we love you lots XXXX

Friday, February 26, 2010


Im really excited as a good kiwi friend and I are making exciting plans to launch a little business.  I cant say much at the moment but I will definately share when the time is right ;).

Ive been a in a crafting funk lately and hopefully with the new business venture my creative juices will flow again!!

I have been working on this

2010 053

but its not quite finished so I'll post it when its done :)

and this

2010 047

2010 048

see you soon!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Wow! Ive  been so slack at blogging lately. 

Since we got back from NZ I have been so terribly homesick, lets see if I can write this post without tears.  Its silly really because I was reminded of the beauty in NZ when we were home - but I can see the beauty here too - we are so lucky to live here, its a beautiful place with so many opportunties but its missing something very important...

these people...(well minus us of course)


My mum and dad and my sister and niece. 

Our family isn't perfect,

we are not rich or fancy and we dont aspire to be,

we aren't drop dead gorgeous,

we dont agree on everything and

we don't even get on all the time...

 but we are family.

We love unconditionally,

we support,

we nuture,

we trust,

we understand,

we believe in each other,

we are there for each other...

except they are there and I am here and I miss them so much.

Every day my darling children ask when we are going to be moving back to NZ. They love my parents so much. My parents are the grandparents who teach them.  They teach them to cook, to sew, to plant and harvest a garden, to sneak into the garden and eat all the peas off the vine *ahem* not mentioning any names are we Elise :), to do woodwork, to make do with what we have, to make their own fun.  They read to them, play teachers, restaurants, anything. Take them to the beach, to museums, shopping, morning teas... all this and my Dad is disabled and Mum works full time. They are pretty amazing and we are so blessed to have them.

I don't know what road we are going to take next.  We still own a home in NZ, we rent here. I dont want to go back to the town we lived in, I want to be close to those I love.  I feel restless, unsettled, and lonely. We usually have a plan, something to work towards but at the moment we dont... 

We told my parents when we left we would visit as often as we could but the reality is its expensive. Its not just airfares, its hiring cars, its taking time off work (for my hubby).. and it means we also are missing out on seeing Australia which we really want to do.

Are you living away from your family? how do you deal with homesickness?

Sorry about the boring post... just been stuck on this since we came back...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lovin' it!

2010 012Happy Valentines Day! Hope you've had a lovely day! The beautiful heart, above, that hangs on our wall was given to me from a dear friend for my birthday, just before we moved to Brisbane a couple of years ago. I love it and it reminds me of her everytime I walk past it... it also reminds me of how terrible Ive been at keeping in touch...shame on me.

We started off our day with heart shaped pancakes :

2010 024

2010 025

2010 028

Then went for a family bike ride along the beautiful shoreline... gorgeous. But my bottom is very sore!!! Its a long time since i have been bike riding. (Sorry photos not good.. was trying to balance on bike and take it!)2010 030

2010 031

Oh yes! it sure is beautiful where we live!

No pressies in this house as its only a few weeks until our wedding anniversary and this year is a big one - 10 years! My darling daughter did spend hours yesterday making us all cards - they are so sweet.

I have a little something for the kids which I will share tomorrow... its something I try to do for valentines but it wont matter if its a day or two late.... because I love them everyday :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Good morning from the Nutters :)


DSC00295Meet the Nutters!!!

Okay, firstly ignore the crap in the background!!! And I took this on my mobile... but this is what I woke up to this morning!! My darling children went to a birthday last night for my cousin's son. They got these crazy glasses/straw.. not sure what to call it. So lots of fun and games this morning... of course then it was a big rush to get to school.

I have been making some more hairclip holders.. quick and easy to do. The red one is for Little Miss Keeley and the little one will go in the present drawer...



I have a few projects started (finally!) and when Kindy starts in full swing next week I plan to get stuck in.  One of my friends (who was part of our stockings group) and I are starting a craft group and are starting next monday night - it will be great to create with my friends.

Well, back to the creating... ive been slack at blogging, facebook and everything thing else this past week!

Friday, February 5, 2010

A little bit of crafting

Finally Ive done a little bit of crafting.. not much and I forgot to take a photo of one thing that I gave to my cousin's daughter for her birthday last night.  I had bought her a gift but wanted a little something to go with it... so I made a little canvas clip holder (with a clip) and repurposed a cookie tin for her hairties (but no photo of that oops).

2010 115 


My baby girl has started Kindy this week and absolutely LOVES it!! I was really worried as she said she didnt want to go but after just one morning she loves it and is asking to go every day - so we cant wait for next week.

2010 1082010 106

My big two are enjoying being back at school and our evenings are busy with lots of homework already!! Both have signed up for their winter sports (not that we really get winter here), Sonic is in his third year of Rugby and Little Miss Sunshine is starting Netball. Thats our weekends gone!!

Last weekend I spent the whole weekend Decrapifying our house. I feel so good for having it done but it was really hard work with it being so hot at the moment. Just the dreaded Garage to go... maybe this weekend.

We are having a quiet day at home so Im going to get stuck into doing some bits and pieces and doing what Bubba wants... sticker books, puzzles....