Tuesday, June 29, 2010

108th post **Giveaway**

**** Giveaway is now closed**** check out the winners on my latest post :)

Its taken a while but I have finally made it to 100 posts and a little bit more (oops!). So its time for a little giveaway or two. 

Nothing too hard...leave a comment and mention it on your blog.

I have no idea how to make 'buttons' or gadgets or whatever they are called, so feel free to use the photo of the giveaway if you wish.  The giveaway is open to local and international readers and will close on 5 July at 5pm (brisbane time).

So... I have collected a few things when I went to NZ last summer ... here's what you win, some pieces of NZ fabrics, a Kiwi teatowel, some chocolate fish, and a tomato sauce bottle (true kiwiana).

prize 2

Because a lot of my readers are from NZ  and might not want things they can find in NZ I thought I would also do a separate one for them... a little notice board, one of my 'blah blah' mobile phone covers and some Aussie coloured mentos ..

giveaway prize 2

Of course you are welcome to be in the draw for both  and its open to everyone.

And come back and visit me again ... and leave comments - I love hearing from you :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ideas please!

My daughter has been invited to an 80s party next week.  She is almost 9 years old and Im struggling with ideas!


Im also starting to organise her birthday party which is in a couple of weeks...more to come on that :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Apron Swap

parcelYesterday my lovely apron arrived from Lynda in the UK.  parcel goodieIt is made from beautiful Laura Ashley vintage Toile and which is from the 1970s! wow!! apronLook at the beautiful delicate patterns on it...apron upclose

and check out this cool card!card

Check out Lynda's blog here

This is the apron I made for her.. because she is a Kombi lover (and owner -lucky thing!) Her apron arrived today which is great timing!

kombi apronToday these two little monkeys struggled to pose for a photo together (almost as much as the struggled to squeeze the two of them into the little car!)hunter and elisebut finally I got a cute pic (vegemite on their faces and all!)hunter and elise 2

check out this beautiful quilt giveaway

Visit Works in Progress for a chance to win a beautiful quilt, made of soft lovely pillowcases.

Leave a comment, post about the giveaway, become a follower and like on Facebook for FOUR chances - wow!! And the quilt looks absolutely beautiful - would be perfect for my house :)!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goma - Gallery of Modern Art

Last week Mum and Dad and Bubba and I ventured down to Brisbane for the day to visit the Ron Mueck exhibition at Goma (Gallery of Modern Art). 

Wow!! I was totally taken by the lifelike look of his sculptures, once I got over the shock!  I couldn't believe the detail, right down the the blue veins running along the feet, to the fine hairs,  muscles and ribs, wrinkles and even an earring hole in an old woman's ear.

If you are in the Brisbane area it is well worth a visit. The exhibition runs until 1 August (i think)

Here's a few pics I took (you can't use a flash so they might be a little dark)

giant womanfeet

old woman

Amazing huh?

Australia's new PM

wow. woke up this morning to the news that Julia Gillard has gone up against Kevin Rudd for his leadership.

DISCLAIMER: the following opinions are my own and I dont mean to offend anyone. Normally I dont take any interest in politics so I probably dont know much :)

Of course its all played out on tv (for hours) and its just been announced she has secured the leadership of Australia.

Im not a big one for politics but I think the tactics have been a bit underhanded. I must say, I didn't really mind Kevin Rudd as a PM, but thats just my opinion.

I guess what bothers me is this country is supposed to be a democracy and the people of this country never got to vote.  They voted Kevin Rudd in the last election and Julia Gillard supports his policies.... doesnt make much sense to me.

There is a lot of talk about how historic today is for Australia with their first female prime minister but Ive been there before when Helen Clark was NZ's prime minister.. and quite frankly - they are all politicians, no matter what the gender.  Yes, women should be in those positions Im all for that, but it would have been nice to see her voted in by the country at the next election.

Anyway, we'll see how it plays out. Good luck to her.

Ditching the Wii

My little boy is  learning a very hard lesson at the moment. I have been worried about him because he is so moody and unhappy. He used to be such a happy easy child.  So I made an appointment with his teacher and the doctor. 

His teacher said he is a great student.  He is achieving well above his age level and is well behaved in class. Her only concern is all he can talk about is the Wii and nothing else. 

I thought we were quite strict on the time Sonic spends on the Wii, but I do get really annoyed with the meltdowns if he has to get off it or isn’t allowed to play with it.  I have also noticed that’s all he talks about. 

So, I went home and packed the Wii  into the box and put it up high in the cupboard.  I can see my darling wee boy is obsessed with it.  I have watched  friends boys behave like this about playstation etc and vowed it would never happen in our house... but it has. We bought the Wii to enjoy as a family but it rarely gets touched by anyone but Sonic. And we talked about it for about 6 months before deciding to buy one, about whether it was the right thing for our family.

Of course, it met with great resistance.  He cried and cried and screamed and yelled. He told me he hated me and wished he was dead (gulp.. very hard to hear from a 7 year old). 

 The next day I took him to the Doctor and he checked out everything. Sonic had a blood test and didnt even cry!  Everything has come back normal, except he has low iron.  After the blood test we went to buy a Beanie kid (for being so brave) and I said, Sonic I love how happy and chatty you are without the wii. He said Mum I don’t think I can live without the wii..  which is exactly why it will be staying in the cupboard. And maybe... we will sell it. 

The doctor asked if Sonic had experience any trauma in recent years.  I told him about Sonic being assaulted at his previous school. I have written a little bit about it here.

So, I didn't think it would still be affecting him, but given that he didn't have any counselling or a chance to talk to anyone but us about it I think maybe its time we let him have a chance to talk to someone about it.  And maybe it is safer in the world of Wii than in the real world???

But!! he is now playing with all his other toys, he is creating massive lego structures, he is communicating with his sisters (fighting is communicating isnt it?) and he is HAPPY!!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Snapshots of June

So Ive been totally slack at putting on my photos for Snapshot's of June so here's yesterdays

June 21st movies

Kids at the movies (taken on my mobile in the dark!)


Back to reality

mum dad kids

(mum and dad with kids)

so, yesterday Mum and dad went home and I was very kind and gave the kids the day off school and kindy so they could say goodbye.  We had planned to take them to the movies on the weekend but Mum and I were too sick so I thought I would surprise them and we 'called in' to the mall on the way home.  We went to see Shrek 4 which they kids liked but I thought it was a bit scary for my youngest and a little too much of the same (thank goodness its the last one).

 Thinking I should be crowned by my darlings as  'Mum of the decade' I was really annoyed when we got home and all they did was fight... fight.. fight.  I know I should be looking at it from an adult perspective, they are over tired from a busy month of visitors, sad because their Nana and Poppa have just left, probably brewing my bugs.. but I was sooooo over it.  No matter what we do our house the kids fight about everything!  Too many strong personalities I think. 

With school holidays starting on Friday I was really looking forward to having today and tomorrow to myself and this morning Little Miss Sunshine woke up with a high fever, sore throat, nose running... grrr... I sound so selfish!!! So today Little Miss Sunshine and I have been to the doctor (for me... now on antibiotics for my chest infection) and now we are chilling at home. And I am grateful for this one on one time with her - really I am!

 I was reading this post over at Paisley Jade and it rang true with me... I find it hard to keep things in perspective about why I am at home with the kids and how important my role is. I forget that doing all those boring mundane household chores, being there to pop on a plaster on a skinned knee, or be vomited over is all part of that pure love in action.  I also get to attend all of my childrens school and kindy events, I get to be part of their friendships and their sports team.  I get to see them read a sentence at school assembly or Mass and the pride on their faces when they see me there.

Yes, its hard being a parent, extremely hard.  I didn't know I signed up for the sickness, the heartache I would feel when they are hurt by other people, the sleepless nights... but I take it all, along with the joys.

Friday, June 18, 2010

sick sick sick!!!

aarggh!  The whole time my parents have been visiting I have been sick and now my littlest is having asthma attacks which leads to a lot of vomiting (mostly on me!).. Last night we ended up at the hospital with her... havent had any asthma since we moved to Australia... must have aclimatised.

So.. i will be back in a couple of days when the sickness has hopefully subsided. Oh yeah... and for my first ever giveaway.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wild West Party Part 1

Yesterday was Mstr B's wild west party. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves and it was BUSY!!! and loud! since when are boys so LOUD!!!

So here is an overload of photos!!! I will probably post another post about how we did things if anyone is interested in using the ideas or theme.
 Welcome to the West!

I made some huge cacti which were attached to garden stakes with cable ties.

the bunting... hmmm loving denim, gingham and bandana bunting!

Hubby made some store fronts...he did a GREAT job!

and a Jail

there were games

and hoss's ya hear....and the odd cow

And the cake..

Rope licorice... I got this idea from somewhere and will post the link when I find it...

The games...

pass the kumara (sweet potato) they were supposed to play pass the rattlesnake but our very long and large soft toy snake was nowhere to be found!

So we played pass the kumara to the Wiggles, Hot potato - instant hit!!

There were sack races...

The Birthday Boy mid-jump in the sack race

Panning for gold...

Panning for gold in the sandbox.  This was by far the most popular game .. and there wasnt even any prizes!

Today was a public holiday in Australia for Queens Birthday and we had a relaxing morning at home and then took Mum and Dad to the beautiful Shorncliffe for the afternoon.

So tomorrow I will be back with more from the Wild West party :)

Ive linked up my party to these linky partys


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Not me...

Picture this... School athletics carnival.  Lots of parents watching, lots of children running.  One particular woman decides to run across the track to get a photo of her friend's son who is winning his race... but she trips on a rope and flies across the track head first... with her camera in the air (kind of an instant reaction like saving a baby as you fall).. she gets up, not injured but her pride is very sore.... of course that couldnt have been me!

But here is my Snapshot for June for today

elise and sausage

 Bubba eating a sausage - YUM!

Here's a few other pictures.. its been a long day ...

keeley long jumpkeeley running 2ben long jumpold ladies

Friday, June 11, 2010

Snapshots of June

I signed up to do the Snapshots of June over at The Janelle Wind Collection  (while you are there check out the rest of her blog - she is super talented and has just released her first book!! wow) and oops! i havent posted any yet!

So here's one for today

mum and ben

Its my Mum and Sonic on the train at the Ginger Factory at Yandina, QLD.  These moments are so precious as my parents are only visiting for a little while from NZ.

We loved the Ginger factory - it was great.  Only downer is I have a head cold so feeling a bit under the weather.

keeley and eliseHere's a few more :)mum and dad

mum and dad 2keeleyginger factory

Tomorrow is school sports carnival so more photos for sure!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Carnavale and Diversity Day

Today my children have Carnavale and Diversity Day at school.  Of course costumes are required and I was up late last night sorting them out - even though Ive known for WEEKS!!

Here's Sonic as Mario... very easy. Thrifted denim overalls - okay, not so easy to find. I visited about 5 op shops to find the overalls and they werent actually that cheap! A red long sleeve tee from Best and Less (which will be reused) and a cap for a dollar with a very quick patch sewn on ... and the moustache - hehe very cute.

ben marioben as mario

Then my darling daughter who is addicted to Little house on the Prairie wanted to be Laura Ingalls.  So I found a dress at the op shop and a petticoat (very good find) and I hacked very neatly cut the bottom of the dress off to make a bonnet (which I will never EVER make again - you heard it here!).  And then a quick little apron.  Her hair is a bit short from braids but we did the best we could. She was happy which is the main thing.

keeley laura ingallskeeley laura

Yay! our special visitors are here!!!