Sunday, July 25, 2010

Playing with our food

Tonight for dinner Little Miss Sunshine spent a long time organising a special treat.

Stuffed baked potatoes with a whole lot of veges which we had to use to make mice!

Heres Little Miss Sunshine doing hers...mouse keeleykeeley mousesmouse benmouse elise

My miceleonie mouses

LIttle Miss Sunshine's micemouses

Sonic's micemouses2

Hubby's um... dodgems!! Ok, they are supposed to be mice but they look like dodgems to me and Im sticking to it!! LOLstu dodgems

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sewing therapy: My creative space

Its amazing how doing something you really love can improve your whole mood.  I woke up this morning in such a funk... even tears which is quite unusual for me...  But after we did the groceries and I spent a bit of time with Bubba I got her settled in front of a movie she chose at the library (yep, tv babysitting here) I got stuck into some sewing, and felt the blues melt away.

Our kids are Beanie Kid crazy.  Between them they have about 30.. and as such they are taking over their bedrooms and the house.  They get them for birthdays, good school reports, blood tests, you name it! I love all the different ones and they are very cute but I needed to tame them into some sort of organisation. Elises bks

These are Bubba's ones....

I have been thinking about how to keep them tidy for a while and this is what I came up with bk holder 3bk holder ties

It ties onto the end of Bubba's bed and has 12 pockets.bk holder1elise in bedroom

Would you just do ANYTHING for that gorgeous face!!!

I used up some curtain fabric a friend gave me years ago which has been sitting in my fabric stash waiting for the perfect use. It was the perfect weight as its sturdy enough to hold its shape with the beanie kids in it.

Bubba was really excited and had to pull out all the beanie kids and put them back in her way :)

Of course when Sonic and Little Miss Sunshine came home from school they couldnt wait for me to make them one!

So far I have made one for Sonic and Little Miss Sunshine's I will do on the weekend..ben bk holderben bk holder3


I am so proud of myself for using fabric I already had.  Watch this space because next month I am going to attempt to have a 'No spend' month and finish all those WIPs I have!

This is my first time at playing along with My creative space at Kootoyoo.

Friday, July 23, 2010

PJs for kids

keeleyHave you ever had that dream... you know, the one where you look down and you are wearing your pjs and you're at school?

Well, this week my daughter and her friends wore their pjs to school on purpose.  They were asked to help deliver the pjs to the Pyjama foundation representative at the school assembly.

carrying in pjsThe PJ foundation is attempting to have donated 7000+ pairs of new pjs this week to go to the children in foster care who often arrive into care with nothing.  Having worked as a social worker for many years (in NZ) I am only too familiar with this sad scenario.

pj girlsSo I was only too happy for Little Miss Sunshine to don her pjs for this good cause... her's are recycled from her cousin!! LOL.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cupcake Tea Party

The Cupcake Tea Party was a huge success and Miss K had a great birthday.

*warning, this post is picture heavy*


I love bargain stores... $2.50 for a pack of two for these balls to hang from the light fitting - yeah dont look closely that light fitting is filthy!
ruffled streamers... made by moi using this tutorial here

And what is a party without bunting?  I only made a small one for this party as I have a suitcase full of bunting from other parties! The cupcake canvas was one that I won in a giveaway from here.

the party table

Place settings... this one is the birthday girl's (we have a plate in our house which is especially for birthdays.. how convenient it had cupcakes on it!)

Each of the girls had a giant rectangle doily for their placemat (good find!) A cupcake with their placecard in it, a glass with sprinkle around the top and a little teacup (on a doily of course!)

An op shop teapot with fresh flowers...

another op shop teapot.. this one with marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles.

And the food..
Sundae Cupcakes...
flower cupcakes....

little teacup biscuits... tictoc biscuit, marshmallow on top, freckle on top of those and half a musk lifesaver for the handle... too cute! (secretly Ive always wanted to make these!)

Chocolate dipped strawberries...
And we had watermelon and bowls of cherries to balance out all that SUGAR!!!

Also little teapot shaped ham and cheese sandwiches (of course the birthday girl wanted Vegemite!)
And I was so excited to find this Sparkling Pink Lemonade at Aldi the day before the party.
 They also drank my favourite Apple tea (T2).

Miss K opened her presents and was very spoilt

Then it was cake time...

classic poses

They decorated cupcakes..

and played pass the parcel (which had cupcake themed prizes)

including these necklaces..

The girls got special Party bags without plastic crap and too much sweet stuff! 
which had....cupcake pencil toppers

face washer cupcakes..
and cupcake bathbombs.....(tutorial here)

So it was great fun, I was knackered and then we spent the whole of Sunday at a Netball tournament!!!

You can check out the preparation for this party here and here.

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