Monday, January 24, 2011

Bon Voyage and Miss 9s blog

My beautiful friend Chantelle made me this gorgeous fabric picture - I just love the colours -shes very clever and creative!!

I have made some beautiful friends here in Australia and it was very hard to say goodbye to them yesterday. My children are really struggling with this too and it was heartbreaking to see them sobbing as they farewelled their besties. Miss 9 kept saying through her tears, why do I have to keep doing this? I was crying along with her saying Im sorry. And then Mstr 7 broke his heart... almost too much to bear.
But today they are okay and looking forward to a quiet day as all their friends head back to a new school year. Tomorrow we will farewell Australia and arrive home.

Home. sigh.
As the movers arrived on Thursday Miss 5 said, Mum, can I talk to you... Mum, Ive decided I want to go to school in Australia now... poor little poppet.

The kids have had a little get together with their school/kindy friends

these three are the most BEAUTIFUL friends, hearts of gold...this photo brings tears to my eyes..

Miss 5 and her bestie- such a sweet wee girl

Da boys!

I love that most of my friends are on Facebook and despite the distance we can keep in touch with the click of a mouse.

For the kids this isn't so easy and so for Miss 9 I have set her up a blog to keep her friends updated about her move back to NZ and for her to blog about her crafty endeavours as well (like mother, like daughter).

She would LOVE for you to visit her, check it out here...


Tammi said...

Moving away from loved ones is so hard. I remember leaving NZ and feeling gutwrenching pain at leaving my friends and family behind and then the same when we moved from East to West. Kids are amazingly resilient though and they will be settled before you know it.
Good Luck

Little Gumnut said...

Wow Leonie! Thinking of you as you move house and country. Lots of love to you!

The Clip Cafe said...

Good luck with everything!!! Keep us up to date :-)

Simoney said...

OMG you must be here already!!!
Email me with your phone number and address... we are coming up to whangarei this weekend with for a weekend at Sandy Bay with gail... Pasiley jade is coming out for a BBQ saturday night - cross fingers for the weather ??!!
Maybe we could call in on our way past?? We come home on Tuesday so it would probably be then. I'm guessing you wouldn't want to drive up to sandy bay?!

Gail said...

Hope your trip and re-settlement back in NZ goes amazingly!