Friday, January 21, 2011

Catching up with a bloggy friend

After lots of attempts to catch up again with Lisa (Weza from Everything by Twos), on Tuesday it finally happened. Its amazing what has postponed this visit.. sickness, floods! But we were determined to squeeze another catch up in.

So the kids and I took a little trip to visit Lisa and her beautiful family and their newest addition, Rico.

The kids had a blast with Lisa's girls, they were all totally hyper and laughing and having a great time. Lots of playing, laughing and loudness!

Lisa and I got to sit down (under the nice cool airconditioning!) and chat - lovely!!
I love that it is so easy to get along with bloggy friends. Its just so comfortable!!!

Then the gorgeous baby Rico woke up and I had a little cuddle - cluck cluck CLUCK!! He's adorable!!

Miss 9 also was stoked to have a cuddle with him too.

Here's beautiful Lisa with her wee boy...
Sweet as!


MNM's said...

I love hearing about bloggy meet-ups - it's like watching celebrities hang out....! And loving the new blog's a keeper!

PaisleyJade said...

How cool! Rico looks like such a cutie.

Tammi said...

It is so heartwarming the friendships that are made as a result of blogging.

Cat said...

Love that lisa!

love and light

weza said...

Was such a great catch up! The girlies enjoyed playing with your kids so much. Yep the chats just come so easily!

Sue said...

Looks like a good time and a beautiful baby.