Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2011!!

I hope you all had a safe and fun New Years eve.

Ours was pretty quiet... boring some would say.  We just hung out at home, watched tv and read. A cup of peppermint tea was a strong as it got for me! lol... not really a drinker so not too worried.

In thinking about New Years resolutions I have decided setting some goals is probably more realistic for me.

The last twelve months have been completely frustrating for me health wise. I have had numerous tummy bugs and 5 colds!! along with chest infections and far too many antibiotics. As well as ongoing reflux, asthma and a now diagnosed (benign) lump that still needs to be removed so surgery is probably on the cards this year.

Before Christmas I made a promise to myself to get my health back.  I know I have to live without my thyroid and with coeliacs, but I DONT need all the other crap.

So I am trying very hard to eat a REAL food diet. At the moment this means no processed grains or sugar and I also dont have a lot of dairy either. Which is actually not too hard...ok, so the sugar is a little bit hard....but some frozen fruit on a stick or a health coconut slice easily settles the cravings.

I have read some great books and found some excellent websites to help me on this journey and I have a great friend here who is a total inspiration and wealth of knowledge.

goal 1 : eat REAL food.
goal 2: get my family eating more REAL food
goal 3: be more organised
goal 4: try to get brave and make stuff to sell
goal 5: settle back in NZ
goal 6: meet some more bloggy friends in real life (and finally blog about the ones i have met!! oops!)
goal 7: turn 40 without freaking out!! ... yeah right!
goal 8: do some exercise
goal 9: start some study now all my babies will be at school

what are your goals/resolutions for the New Year?


Fiona said...

Still waiting for New Year up here in Canada - about 9 hours to go!

I've also decided that it's time to get healthier - I've also got coeliac disease along with some other problems but I'm trying to get past these issues and lead a much healthier life. I have a bad tendency to let the health issues rule me - going to stop doing that. We've got a move back to Europe coming up (always a stressful time) too and I'm aiming to be a bit more laid back this time round and just let the move happen rather than trying to control every detail.

On the craft front I'm hoping to add another new skill to my repertoire. This last year I learned to crochet and, after a very rocky, slow start, grew to love it. In 2011 I'm thinking about quilting or maybe felting - or both!

Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy 2011 and above all, a smooth move back to New Zealand.

Cat said...

waiting for New Years here too...12 more hours of 2010 for us.
Happy New Year to you and yours!!!
love and light

MNM's said...

Happy New Year! I have loved following your blog in 2010 and also thank you for all the wonderful comments on mine. I'm looking forward to following your family's move back to Kiwiland and wish you all the best for your health goals for this year.

p.s. Hope that the packing is going well! You won't miss that Brizzy rain hey!