Saturday, January 1, 2011

I just have to say...

One of the best things that has happened to me in 2010 is the 'meeting' and getting to know other bloggers.

How cool is is that we can connect in cyberspace and become friends before we even meet in person!! Its awesome!

I have been lucky enough to meet two gorgeous bloggy friends in real life (so far) and have been meaning to blog about it since SEPTEMBER.. slack aren't I.

Firstly I got to meet Lisa (Weza) from Everything By Twos.  What a beautiful, vibrant and gorgeous Kiwi gal she is.  And her girls are gorgeous too.  We had the honour of having them to our house and it was lovely to meet them (even if my children decided to play up ...sigh!). We live on opposite sides of Brisbane and have tried to organise another catch up but with me getting sick a lot and Lisa being pregnant I didn't want to pass anything on and we've had to cancel our plans a couple of times.  BUT I'm definately going to visit before I head back to NZ.

Around the same time I also got to meet Renee from Nay's Place.  Another lovely, gorgeous Kiwi girl who is creative and amazing.  I was so lucky because Renee and I got together several times to 'craft' together - it was great to hang out with her and I know we'll stay friends, even when I move. (despite this I have no pictures!!! )At the moment we live a suburb away (crazy!) and when we moved over here we spent the first year living in the same suburb as her!

The great thing about meeting these lovely ladies is that there isn't the awkwardness you usually have with people you dont know.  Seriously, the night I met Renee I had another kiwi friend here and it was literally within a minute we were chatting non stop like old friends... LOVE IT!!!

So in 25 days (not that Im counting ..hehe) Im going back to the beautiful country of my birth, my home, and I am super excited about the prospect of meeting lots of other bloggy friends!!

And of course its about all the other beautiful ladies out there from all over the world who leave lovely comments and visit my blog regularly. You guys rock. Thanks for all your lovely comments and 'getting to know you' over the past year.

Here's to getting to know and meeting more bloggy friends in 2011.


Simoney said...

Weza is the BEST! And did you hear on FB that she's JUST had her baby???
Yep. New Years Eve.
A sweet little boy.
PS looking forward to meeting you guys too - and hooking our kids up for some play-fun!

PaisleyJade said...

Yay - Love Lisa and so glad you guys got to meet. Her little boy is called Rico and looks so cute!!

jacksta said...

aw yay for weza! Where are you going to be settling Leonie?

Cat said...

that is so cool Leonie!
Love to see bloggers meeting up in real life...jsut makes these relationships we form here that much more real.
i have seen questions going around at times about the authenticity of relationships here, in blog-world, and for myself I have definitely formed some longterm lasting it really is the reason I connect

great post!

love and light
ps I love Weza!

weza said...

Naw i loved meeting you too! And today was great also. Hubby commented on what a 'really nice lady' you are! High praise indeed.