Sunday, January 23, 2011

Organised Home Challenge

Megan at Mousehouse is running a great 'Organised Home Challenge', check out the post about her linen cupboard, I LOVE all the beautiful lavender bags and spray she has made, what beautiful little touches.

We are not really in a position to do much 'organising' right at the moment (but believe me, a LOT was done in the last few weeks *grin*) as this is what most of our contents look like now
and now its all neatly packed in this...
and about to head across the Tasman.

So while I can't join in the challenge, I think the kids and I will have to be very organised living at my Mums and Dad's house, sharing one room (eek!) so I might join in with how we live like that!!

So check it out over at Mousehouse.. one of my fave blogs :)

And, thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog this week. I loved all the comments yesterday about the film scanner.

I bought mine here in Oz at a supermarket chain called ALDI.  Ive also seen them at Big W and Target (department stores).  Im guessing places like the Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery or maybe Dick Smith might have ???  I paid $69 for mine ..and debated it for ages because really its only used once BUT now my sister and Mum want me to do theirs too.

I wish we could fit a whole pile of them in our 7 suitcases for you all!! But no, we are chocka!!!! apparently not very 'organised' when it comes to deciding what we need for the next 6 weeks... would you believe one bag with only our kids clothes in weighs 23kg!!  obviously they have too many clothes!


Vintage Mum said...

oh wow - did you shed a few tears watching the truck take all your stuff away??? It seems like the time since you decided to make the move back has gone incredibly fast

weza said...

I am not surprised the suitcase is 23 kg. Clothes are heavier than we think.
Oh an organised home challenge... to do it or not to that IS the question. :)

Tammi said...

My kids and I bunked in a single room at my parents for 8wks before our big move to Aussie while hubby got set up here. It was a bit frustrating to times but we survived :)