Friday, January 14, 2011

Queenslanders, what a great bunch

Today amidst the sadness and grief I have heard such stories of wonderful generosity and love.
Theres the person who is still without power and has collected their baking stuff to go and bake for bakerelief.

There’s the 22000 people who have already signed up to volunteer for the clean up.
There’s the large number of people who are donating use of resources at no cost, eg a Laundromat... a childrens indoor playground.... the list is extensive

Brisbane floods

There are those who have donated clothes, shoes, bedding, toiletries...they have had to beg people to stop donating as the evacuation centres are overflowing with goods.
Clean-up begins after the Ipswich floods, Queensland

There are the people working tirelessly in evacuation centres, out in the areas near the flood zones. Ensuring everyone has a warm dry place to sleep, a nice warm cup of tea, meals, clothes and entertainment for the children. Along with a safe place for pets.
A huge pile of belongings destined for the tip from a Fairfield home on Friday, January 14. Photo: Dan Nancarrow

On TV they interview people who have lost everything and they are crying because they are so appreciative to the kindness others have shown them.
Toowoomba City floods, Queensland

People have flown in from all over Australia and we've borrowed crews of Civil Defence from NZ too .

In a time when a lot of people don’t even know their neighbours, it is heart warming to see that in a state of utter devastation and loss, people are showing generosity, love and compassion.
Toowoomba City floods, Queensland
Aussies are just like us kiwis, always ready to look after each other and pitch in when needed.
An army of cleanup volunteers in Rosalie on January 14. Photo: Marissa Calligeros
This is the true spirit of love and kindness.
It is heart warming when our hearts are breaking.

There are some beautiful posts popping up out there in blogland.. but this one really captured my heart..

Check out this post from Gail at Delighfully Diva-ish..I just love it... she sums up us ANZACs being 'neighbours'.. it made me cry...


Brigitte said...

Thank you for your updates on this heartbreaking situation. The full scale of the disaster is not really given on this side of the world.
I can well imagine the feeling of 'kinship' that has emerged amongst neighbours and strangers as you all pull together to get through this incredibly devastating time. My thoughts and prayers are with the wonderful people of Queensland xx

Posie Patchwork said...

It's amazing & typical how everyone is so willing & able to help. My husband is part of the Defence Civilian Aid, we're so proud, love Posie

Little Kiwi Chick said...

This has brought tears to my eyes, has certainly warmed my heart on this cold winter morning.

Jacqui said...

Hi Leonie, thank you for keeping us all updated about the disaster in Brisbane and surrounding areas. I feel so far away when this happens and I know my dad who lives there is ok but its still pretty scary. my heart is going out to you and your friends in need. stay positive xx

Cat said...

it is the tragedies of life that bring our the good in most of man-kind....too bad we can't be this giving and conscious of others all the time
what an amazing time you are going through
prayers love and light

Kylie said...

It s just heartbreaking - waat a mess - it is hard to believe that a once beautiful river can do this to people - I have a friend who has lost her house and belongings and is greatful for so much but said to me last night that she will never look at the river like she used to.

Penny said...

Wow your posts have opened my eyes to all this is happening. I have been praying and will continue to.
Hope you are holding up ok