Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recipe for a great day out in Brisbane

I want to share with you about an awesome day out you can have here in Brisbane.

I know family and friends who book and plan their holidays to Queensland and stay at the Gold Coast so they can visit the Theme Parks. Which is all fine and dandy, we like to visit them too, but make sure you plan in a day in Brisbane City - you will not regret it. My only regret is in the past, before we moved here, we didn't include it in our travels.

So let me share with you my recipe for a great day out in Brissy.


One happy family

train tickets from where you are staying to Brisbane Central Station - ($10.50 for an adult and $5.25 for children over 5 years.This is for all day for all modes of transport)

Water bottles and food


sunscreen, togs and towels.


Head to your nearest train station and jump on a train (heading to Brisbane City) –a fter all its all part of the adventure.

Disembark at Central Station and take a nice stroll down to King George Square to admire the beautiful old buildings

 and take a photo with these kangaroos..

and this Lion

From here you could head up to Queen Street mall, or just carry on down towards South bank.

Once you cross the bridge head over the road and stop in at the Brisbane Museum. Its free, its hands-on and always fascinating.  If you want to do a bit more check out the Science Centre (which you will need to pay to go in).

You could then take a walk further down the road to GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art). They have some really amazing exhibitions. The latest has a tube slide you can ride on for three stories!!

We usually head straight to the Wheel of Brisbane for an airconditioned awesome view of the city.

From here take a stroll through the beautiful parklands to Streets beach.

This place rocks in the summertime and its FREE, patrolled by lifeguards and has so many different places to choose to swim, including this great water feature area....

You could leave hubby watching the kids in the water and pop over to the weekend markets for a look around at the lovely stalls, listen to some live music and just chill out.

For lunch there are plenty of well maintained, free bbqs to use or you will have no trouble finding somewhere to eat. There are a ton of cafes, sidewalk eateries and our favourite, Grill’d – yummy gourmet burgers and best of all, a great gluten free selection! YUM!

After lunch wander through the different walkways and capture some photos of the interesting wildlife

 and make your way to the ferry terminal to catch the City Cat.
Using your already purchased train ticket jump on a City Cat heading to New Farm Park.

 You’ll wind your way around the city and under the Storey Bridge, past all the rock climbers at Kangaroo point, in an airconditioned ferry. If you choose to sit outside, don’t forget to take your hat off as the ferry can speed up suddenly and it will blow off.. not aiming that at anyone in particular.. Mum...

Once you get off at New Farm... walk across to the beautiful park that has so much to do, built around these magnificent Fig tree roots.


This park is just beautiful! And so much to do for all ages.

Scare your Mother to death by climbing on the very outside of the spiderweb because your dad bet you that you couldn’t touch the top....having.heart.failure.here.

 keeley climbing

Play, play, play, then its back on the city cat. Off again at South Bank for the customary NZ Naturals Icecream that us expats need for our fix.  Lime for me, Boysenberry for hubby andHokey Pokey for the kids. Yum..

Then jump back on the train (at the South Bank Station) and take the weary tribe home.

All in all and AWESOME day out - Every time!!!

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jaki said...

Wow! what a huge day you had!!
We love to do all that too but generally make it lots of smaller outings :)
We love going to Southbank early in the morning for a swim and BBQ breakfast, and then another swim...We arrive about 7am and it is brilliant in summer!

Coralann tall.kin.two.ewe. said...

I live in Toowoomba. What an awesome post. Now I feel like I'm missing out on something. You just made Brisbane look like a must go visit. My hubby and I are going to New Zealand on the 9th of this month can not wait. Is there a must do while we are there?

Nikki said...

Great post! There's so much to do in Brisbane. We love spending the day at Southbank. The museum and markets are fun too.

Notchka said...

Hey Leonie. I love your new header. I never knew there was so much to do in Brissy - makes me really interested to visit - the info centre should be paying you for that write up lol! Isn't it funny how public transport becomes part of the fun. My girl just looooves the bus, t'was the highlight of our recent visit to town - go figure!

Fiona D said...

WOW - what a full on day!! I don't think we could quite manage all that in one day - you did so well!! We've never been to New Farm Park either, so I think we might plan a ferry trip from Southbank to NFP and back for a swim one day over these holidays. Thanks!