Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update on Queensland flooding

Today is a terrifying day.  The rain just keeps coming down.
We have no phones, mobile services are down. Thankfully we have mobile broadband and power.
Friends in surrounding suburbs are being told to evacuate immediately.
A friend is stuck in her house with her two children and they are unable to get out. Not far away in the township water is lapping at the house rooves.  Her husband is at his parents because he cannot get back to her.
The banks of the Brisbane River have broken and water is flooding into the CBD.
Roads are closed everywhere.
I am very scared. I have packed some stuff in case we need to leave but hoping we won't because we live up a hill.

Please pray for the safety of Queenslanders today.


emerson-j said...

just been watching the news and its just terrible. hope everything is ok for u guys and ur friend!

Widge said...

praying xo

Little Kiwi Chick said...

Am praying for you... I would be scared too!!! Can't believe the footage and photos of the affected areas... it is bigger and worse than I could ever imagine. And to hear the stories of people you know personally... heart breaking :o(