Wednesday, February 9, 2011

7 bloggy friends

On Anniversary Day, we had a fantastic day out.

We were invited to 'surprise' some bloggy friends we hadn't yet met. 

We were all looking forward to a day out and the beach is our favourite place to very nervously we all jumped in Ruby and headed up the coast.
Bliss!! I know!!
Where else in the world can you turn up at someone's weekend away, someone you've never actually met in real life, and 'crash' brunch? 

Here I was half way up a hill yelling out... Helloo!! Is Simone there?  And then after hello's we were sitting around the table eating a feast with lots of new 'real life' friends... (and um no Mum, just because they were bloggers they weren't psycho online stalkers.... hahaha...)

So three mummy bloggers and three girl bloggers and one boy blogger, got to meet in person and had a blast!!

Miss 5, Miss AbFab, Miss Marvellous, Little Miss Chatterbox
 Little Miss Chatterbox was so thrilled to meet Miss Marvellous and Miss AbFab (check out their blogs :)).
The girls hit it off and disappeared to play.

instant friends with so many similar interests...sweet!!
Master 7 hit it off with Dash and the headed off to the rock pools to explore.

The Bloggy Mum's... well we chatted and took a few photos (oh um... well a few by blogger standards, maybe a few more by anyone else's standards). It was lovely to finally meet Simone and Gail, such lovely ladies.

The Dad's went to collect mussels, which we ate for afternoon tea - YUM.

We took a few more photos....

Then had a swim...imagine how surreal it was to be floating in the NZ ocean, in a the most pictureseque setting with Simone from GreatFun4Kids!!

We even overstayed our welcome and ate their dinner too :)  YUM!

And then it was time for a few more photos...

On the ride home we all agreed it was an awesome day, at a perfect spot, meeting lovely bloggy, and now, real life friends.

And next week I get to meet some more bloggy friends - AWESOME!!!


Simoney said...

How did I miss this???
Been looking out to see your take on a great day :)
It was so lovely to meet you.
BUT oh my oh my... could I look any FATTER in a photo??? CROP CROP CROP!!!!!!

Renee said...

So jealous!!! That looks like such a fabulous day. Yay for meeting more Mummy Bloggers :D

PaisleyJade said...

So cool - and looking forward to next week!! Woohooo!!

p.s. Simone - that photo totally doesn't look like you so don't worry!!

Cat said...

so cool....and slightly jealous
but in a really really healthy way!!!

love and light

Helen said...

How awesome! Looks like so much fun. Like Cat, I am slightly

Posie Patchwork said...

How lovely, but i think we're in a safe uncreepy world of nice mummy crafty baking types of bloggers. Looks like fun, love Posie

Sammy said...

Hi Leonie, just gave you a blogger award! You don't have to accept (only if you want to) xx

The Clip Cafe said...

How cool was that!