Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Like camera-swinging-crazed-tourists on happy pills...

In fear of being the last person to blog about this awesome morning (yesterday).. here goes!!
(Kristy, borrowed your photo!)
I was one of the LUCKY bloggers to attend the Whangarei bloggers morning tea yesterday, very kindly organised by the bubbly and gorgeous Jacksta-B.

I had butterflies doing a funky little dance in my tummy beforehand... you know, eek, will they like me? am I too fat? will I be too loud?will I spill my drink (lol)....will someone photograph it if I do?!!

But all that worrying was for nothing -  it was AWESOME!!! 

Making bloggy friends is totally like internet dating. You find a blog and you fall in love (with the blog). You swap comments, you 'get to know' each and then comes the big day... the MEETING!! And you find out they're not some psycho, internet stalking, sociopath (that my Mum worries about, see Mum, again they are very normal and nice).

The conversation flowed easily, the laughter rang out throughout the town basin... and the best bit... the camera's were going off in all directions!  along with a bit of camera envy and air photos.... (funny!)
(borrowed this from Jackie because I didn't get one of this lovely gal and her gorgeous new bub!)

And the cherry on top of the beautiful rainbow cake (aye, Kristy!!) was meeting Lisa's sister and having a wee chat to the lovely Lisa too.

What a LOVELY bunch of girls. I am so honoured to meet each of you and your cute wee kids. For someone who is newly back in Whangarei it was such a highlight for me... you know, real friends my own age! and better still - with interests like mine. And best of all, I know I am not the only one who photographs EVERYTHING!!!

I can see this being an ongoing thing for us Whangarei bloggers. One teeney tiny morning is just not enough time to spend with you all. 

Blogging ROCKS!

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PaisleyJade said...

Haha Leonie - you are awesome! Laughing at you being nervous about being too fat, loud etc. (and psycho people taking photos of your spilt drink!). You are such an awesome lady and I'm looking forward to catching up with you lots!!

Such a great time - totally need to make it a monthly thing I reckon!!

Leonie said...

Thanks Kristy, I am looking forward catching up with you too!! Still keen as about the crafting group!!! And definately a monthly thing!! absolutely!

The South African Kiwis said...

I agree with the monthly thing! Yes please...!
And also keen to do a crafty group.

It was so much fun!

jacksta said...

I'm so glad we all hit it off! I'm keen to learn some new crafting...since I'm so hopeless...or more coffee and cake...tea for you ;)

Leonie said...

more coffee and cake (or tea, hopefully I will drink it rather than spill it in future!) sounds perfect to me!

Notchka said...

Welcome home girl! I haven't checked in with you for ages, but good to see you are having fun back in A-o-tea-roa

Neetz said...

hahah...oh man that was so me... "will they like me" "I'll be too fat" etc... LOL that SOOO was me as I was walking to mondos from the carpark!! hahahaha.. funny!
Awesome to meet you and the other lovelies.. was a real buzz :)

PS:.. haha.. now everyone knows who the "spillee" was!! na na na na na... ;)

Gail said...

OK, looks like we will need to holiday up north A LOT next summer!x

Sima J said...

ditto with the craft and monthly catch up!! Loved it ladies!! :-)

TracyP said...

Yeah I vote for monthly catch up and craft thing too!! I can't wait to catch up with you ladies again!! Leonie you MUST let us know when ever you come into town! I'm a bum and can do coffee (in a cup!!) any time!

Little Kiwi Chick said...

Oh I am soooo jealous!!! Looks like you had the best morning ever. I hope you all won't mind doing it again with me soon!!! :o) Wish I could join in with the craft get togethers too!!!

Cat said...

How cool is that???!!!!
love it girls♥

love and light

I think I saw your hearts glowing all the way up here is Canada!♥