Thursday, February 3, 2011

no longer the mother of preschoolers

Wow, today, after 9.5 years, I am no longer the mother of a preschooler.

My baby (the littlest one), who was born like just yesterday (seriously) is now a big school girl. gulp.

dont you love the skinned shins?
Motherhood has been something that has grown on me... I have never felt that I was 'naturally' a mother (despite having 3 in a short space of time!).  As each of my children reached 9 months old I went back to work part time, as I felt I wasn't cut out to be a stay at home Mum.  But for the past three plus years I have been at home full-time - and mostly happy about that.
All three ready for their new school
I know I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to be at home with them.

When I look back at the 9.5 years of having preschoolers I can't fathom that we are at this stage already.

Whenever someone tells you the time will pass too quick, they are so right.

One minute your up to your elbows in baby poo and the next youre talking to your daughter about Puberty (the eldest one that is!).

At times it felt like time was standing still (reflux is to blame for that)... but now it feels like it has flown by. 

As each of my babies has started school I have felt some panic, that maybe I haven't spent enough quality time with them, maybe I needed to slow down and appreciate that short time a little more, instead of getting caught up in worrying about 'perfect parenting'.

Today I will shed a few tears as my baby goes to school. For the time Ive had with our precious children as preschoolers, but also looking forward to this new chapter of our lives and watching our children continue to grow.


PaisleyJade said...

I hear you! My last one will be off to school after 13½ years of baby boo etc. Amazing how fast they grow isn't it. You've done an amazing job. xoxo

Widge said...

so here with ya Leonie!
My baby starts school this year too, first time for me without preschoolers in 12 years GULP!
Great pics. Hope they LOVE their new school

jacksta said...

aw big milestone for you!

Simoney said...

Your kids are beautiful Leonie 0 and i can say that because I have MET them!!
I can only imagine how I will feel in two years time when it's my turn to say goodbye to a life with preschoolers.
I hope they are all enjoying their first day, and that you are enjoying the SILENCE!

Posie Patchwork said...

Enjoy it while you have them ALL in the one school again, it's a big deal to farewell preschool, it's so sweet & kind there. I had 4 in one school for 2 years, now i'm off to high school!! Love Posie

Little Gumnut said...

Very big step!

The Clip Cafe said...

I am so hearing you!!!! It's a transition for us mums too :-S xx Glad you arrived home safe and well :-)

The Clip Cafe said...

Ps added your "button" (header) to my side bar (hope that's okay) and did you know if you re size it to 980 you'll fit the whole picture in? :-) xx