Monday, February 14, 2011

Slow Sunday

We've had a nice slow day here yesterday..

Miss 9 and Nana made pancakes for breakfast.

Everyone chilled outside in the sun with some yummy cold watermelon

little lady muck

And I might have snapped a few pics..

After lunch we headed to the beach for a swim

lovin' my new polka dot jandals..but a pedicure wouldnt go a miss!

Made Sandmen..
A legendary Jellytip for the kids..

some ate it...
some just wore it...

After a quick trip to the supermarket for dinner supplies we headed to another beach/park
for dinner...
some climbing trees...

this is now my most favourite photo of my girl


taking photos (who me??)

and coveting these gorgeous big Koru (anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE koru!)

all and all a fantastic day...just what we all needed.!

And Im my kids love posing for photos, or have they learned the quicker they do it the quicker I'll get the camera out of their faces?


PaisleyJade said...

Love your photos - and what a perfect day!!

Tammi said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday!!
I am drooling over the Jelly Tips :)

Simoney said...

Great post and what a GORGEOUS pic of Miss Chatterbox!!! Would make a GREAT header for her blog :)

Fiona said...

Slow is good .... great photos!

Cat said...

what a gorgeous day
love that you take as many photos as me!!! ; )

love and light

Neetz said...

Hey ya Leonie :) Great to meet you blog-stalking you now!! (and the other lovelies I met also!).

By the way, my friend Manilla made those Koru...and like you I love Koru as well! ;)
See ya round,
Juanita :)
PS: YAY for the Ford Tshirt the boy is wearing!! Fords ROCK!

Fiona said...

Gorgeous pics once again - those 3 cheeky kids of yours are just so cute!
What is a Koru? A traditional NZ statue or similar?

Jules said...

Cool pics..I miss Jellytips so much!!