Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bloggy sleepover

Upon seeing this post I'll excuse Simone for thinking...about time!!!

A few weeks ago we recieved a very cool invite requesting our attendance at a sleepover with Team G.

There was much excitement in our house as the children had already met and were keen to visit and stay with their new found friends.

We arrived at the Team G home to the smell of freshly baked gluten free bread!!! YUM!!! Simone quickly whipped out a piece of hot bread with dairy free Oliviani for me to enjoy! Seriously! At that point I was considering moving in permanently!!!

After a cuppa and a chat Simone kindly had a play around with my blog....notice the cool new fonts, my improved banner....  she really is the blogger wizz this girl!!

The boys enjoyed playing lego and playstation... the girls...well they dressed up and did their makeup!

Which required half of Simone's facial cleanser and some serious scrubbing to remove!

We had a yummy dinner and the kids then piled in the lounge in their sleeping bags to watch a movie.

Then I was lucky enough to meet three more bloggers that evening....

Meg from Growing Up
Penny from My Spirited Baby
and Lyns from Once Upon a Time

Simone made a delicious Chocolate Fudge cake - dairy free, gluten free AND egg free!! Yes I felt totally spoilt.  Although enjoying all the cake and sugar certainly didn't make me much of a photographer that night!!

enjoying bloggy company
We all chatted till about ...midnight!  So nice to meet these lovely ladies in person! Is it possible that bloggers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet!! (yes it IS!)

The next morning we went to Team G's church with them. I must say - I would move to Auckland just to go to their church! It rocked.

AND I got to meet the lovely Sammy from Cherished and saw gorgeous Gail again from Delightfully Diva-ish.

So a big thank you to Simone and the rest of Team G for their wonderful hospitality. 

An extra special thank you to Simone for all the wonderful gluten free, dairy free, egg free food. When you have food allergies at times it can make you feel like a total outcast... and when someone goes to so much trouble to make food you can indulge in, its very heartwarming.

I hope when we have a house of our own, we can return the invitation!


Cat said...

So FUN Leonie!!!!!
and so cool that all the food accommodated your needs...
Simoney is good like that!
What a great time!!!
Thanks for sharing.....
excuse me while I go and dream..........

love and light

jacksta said...

fun :)
Jealous much about havin Simone pimping your blog!

PaisleyJade said...

Wow - looks like you guys had such a cool as time!!!

Dawn said...

So very COOL! What a memory and super fun time...I'm kind of jealous:)))))

Meghan at MNM's said...

Seeing bloggy friends meeting up is the stuff dreams and sighs are made of :-)

I'm off my butt and seriously checking out flights for a solo weekend to AKL as we speak...not sure if I can squeeze in Whangarei too, but would if I could!

Sammy said...

I LOVED meeting you! And so wierd that we are all shorter than we imagine in real life, haha!

Simoney said...

Eeeh, how did I miss this post!?
GREAT post Leonie! Love the pics, especially that one of all our kids on the window seat.
I was so lovely to have you guys, you are welcome ANY TIME!

PS Jacksta let me know if you want me to pimp your blog too!
Just call me the diamonds studded blog pimper

Simoney said...

Oh you know I mean IT was so lovely to have you guys.
NOT "I" was so lovely to have you guys.
Which of course I WAS. But you know. Still.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Hi Leonie I have just received my colour wow the phone holder and the tea towel lovely yummies...fabric and thread thank you so very very much.....huge big hugs to you...Peg XXXX

Neetz said...

Ohhh awesome!! :) looked fun!
You are such a bloggy-meeterupper! ;) haha. I think us Whangarei-ians should put together some $$$ to get Simone up here to do the blog pimpage!! hahahaha..

Fantastic post!! :)

Megan said...

Hi Leonie, congratulations two times- first you won my little eco-cleaning giveaway and second how exciting to be the new KMB 'queen'! can you email me your postal address to and i'll send the goodies out to you, have a great weekend :) x