Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Update: Softies for Christchurch

Hi all you lovelies out there

Well the response to our appeal for Softies for the Children for Christchurch has been AWESOME!!! I am totally blown away by all the generous people out there in blogland.

Christchurch is still a place of incredible sadness and loss.Today NZ ers observed 2 minutes silence to mark exactly one week since the earthquake hit.  The death toll is currently 154 precious lives lost. It is expected to rise to about 240.  The National State of emergency has been extended and the aftershocks are still being felt strongly.  It is hard to imagine what it is like to be in Christchurch at this time.

I hope our Softies will bring a little love to the children who must be so frightened through all of this, and to those children who have lost loved ones, one can't begin to imagine.

I have sent an email out to (hopefully) everyone who has contacted me with the address to send the softies. If you havent received the email, please email me at kiwiatheartdesigns@gmail.com.

I will be away for a few days so I wanted to quickly get a post up with some links to some Softie patterns in case people were having trouble getting started...

Cute dolls here and here and here
Owl softies here (be sure to go visit this lady because she's made the pattern just for the softie appeal!!!) and here and here

Knitted toys here and here

monsters here

this site has different softie patterns

another round up of free softie patterns

Have fun and I'll be back early next week :)


TracyP said...

you are a true angel Leonie, I am incredibly blessed to be able to now call you a friend xxxx

emerson-j said...

i donated money but it feels really nice to be able to do something more personal for the kids so thank u so much for doing this !

Cat said...

yes an angel!

love and light

Little Sabine said...

Amazing Leonie, what a great job you are doing!!

Jody Herbert said...

Thanks for those links. I'm definately making Paula's owl softie to send to the children of Christchurch. It's very cute, and it's lovely that's she's made this tuturial especially for this purpose.

Toru said...

This is such a great idea.
And I'm so pleased and touched (being from Christchurch) that so many people want to do something like this.

Fiona said...

Such a great idea. I'd be sewing softies for you but for the fact that my sewing machine is mid-Atlantic right now and I've no idea when I'll see it or my fabric stash again! I'll be supporting Christchurch appeals in other ways.

Neetz said...

I echo TracyP's words :) Awesomeness!!! ;)

Karen Wilson said...

My softie are done... just gotta decide which ones to send where now. Should have them in the post to you this week.

Sew little fabric said...

Hi Leonie,
Thanks for putting up the link to my blog! Being a mum of 4, I can't imagine how the familys are feeling, so the pattern is the least I could do! A parcel will be on its way next week.
Hugs Paula xxx