Tuesday, April 12, 2011

For the love of Bloggers

Ask yourself.. how far would you go to meet the famous Whangarei bloggers?

Haha!! just kidding ..... 

BUT we had another brilliant catch up today and we were all so delighted to meet Jennifer (and her family) from Little Kiwi Chick, all the way from the USA.

It was a picture perfect day here in Whangarei and bloggers descended upon the town basin with kids, cameras and cakes in tow.

It was great to get together again with Jacksta B, Sima J, Neetz, Renette, Tracy, Liz, Becky and we also were excited to welcome Arna-Lise to our bloggy group and of course Jennifer.

Laughs were had

birthdays were celebrated

 real life meet ups were had.

Photos were snapped

feminine hygiene products were swapped...
 wait a minute, feminine hygiene products? ....yep, its the hardships that go with the life of a blogger... reviews.

A lovely morning, thanks girls and we missed you PJ!!! It is so wonderful to spend time with these girls who were bloggy buddies, but now are REAL LIFE FRIENDS.


Sarah (Catching the Magic) said...

WOW! Totally cool! All the way from the USA! Blimey, I really should get my arse on a plane from Welly! Looks awesome fun! You are all fabulous in getting together and making meet ups happen! Well done :)

Miss Becky-Boo said...

'Twas a lovely day ant thanks for sharing your birthdayness with us!

jacksta said...

LOL at the fem fresh photo!
We do look great in that photo...happy birthday us!

Neetz said...

You guys are great fun :) Always nice getting together...except for the swapping of those feminine hygiene products!! hahahaha.

:) I will start my review of it tomorrow!! :)

Gail said...

Cool leonie! Good to see you girls enjoying real life too!

Hootnz said...

Great Idea! our land is up that way. we are desperately trying to save and build there...... so maybe/hopefully I will be able to be part of these great bloggy meet ups.....one day :)

PaisleyJade said...

I missed everyone so much!! Cracking up at Neetz and her big lens... and feminine hygiene products!! Looks like such a fab time. xoxo