Sunday, April 24, 2011

Things Im Loving


This week, the top thing I'm loving has to be having my hubby back in NZ for a week and being together as a family. (although not too sure how Im going to cope with him going back next weekend!)

And my freaky hubby caught a fish ...with his bare hands!!

Country school carnivals....
girls who eat waaaay too much sugar at country school carnivals!
amazing friends who go above and beyond, who are intuitive, caring, hospitable, listening, a bringer-togetherer of people (great English huh!) .... awesome blogger and writer. Thanks Simone for being such a special person.
and she has such GORGEOUS teapots!!!

And catching up with awesome bloggy friends and meeting new ones. Simone wrote a fantastic post about blogging friends and its soooo true, if you love their blog, you will love them.

Lovely to meet Mon and Rebecca and to see Sammy, Gail, Simone, Liz, Lyns and Meg again. You are a bunch of really special girls!!


PaisleyJade said...

Freaky hubby alright catching that fish! Loving that you guys have had time together - and so loving the Auckland bloggers catch up!!

Sammy said...

We laughed soooo much that night- it was fabulous. And you fitted in like you had known all us "old school" mates forever. Loved it! Bring me a glass jar!!!

weza said...

Wow looks like moving home has been so good for you! The sky in your first beach photo - gorgeous

Rebecca said...

Hi Leonie, so great to meet you...thanks too for all the links to the other bloggers who were there, made it easy for me to just find you all!! Lovin the pics of our get together!!

Simoney said...

Awww I love this!
Pshaw! I feel so humbled. And I like that pic of me and my teapot!
AND the ones of the group - just wish I could see tham BIGGER???
(hint hint - wanna email some to me?)