Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am totally taken by this song at the moment

It evokes such emotion in me.

Before I even knew about the history of this beautiful singer.

Love it. How did I not know about Eva Cassidy before?


Tracy said...

Very sad story...I was introduced to Eva 5 years ago. We used two of her songs, 'Songbird', was my walking down the aisle song and 'You Take My Breath Away', for our first dance.
Also check out 'Love Actually' and her song plays in the scene when the blonde girl has the crush on the cute guy in the office. Priceless!

Helen said...

She's not really in the same league as Eva Cassidy, but the song I am loving at the moment is "ET" by Katy Perry. Lame I know, but it reminds me of being sixteen and falling in love for the first time...sigh. For some reason I am lost in those memories at the moment!

quiltjude said...

Beautiful voice, buy a cd - you will listen and listen over and over! :) sad story too