Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Taste of a Traveller

Who doesn't love Masterchef? I am addicted to it!  Introducing Taste of a Traveller from New Zealand's first Masterchef, Brett McGregor.

If there is one cookbook you NEED to have in your kitchen this year... this is it!!

On first look this cookbook is beautiful, the images are just lovely. They take you away to far away places and then bring you back home again... to some delicious takes on Kiwi fare we love.

I love the way the book is laid out. It is seperated into different sections for recipes from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Spain, Morroco and New Zealand, with a few sweet treats at the end. There are also sections introducing the pantry essentials for each style of cooking and must have utensils.

We are very much into NZ inspired cuisine in our house so I chose 2 recipes to try from that section, and then a recipe from the Spanish and Moroccon sections.

Now before I tell you about the recipes, one thing that stood out for me in this book is that the recipes are about eating good wholesome foods. Everything is made from scratch which is something that really appeals to me when feeding our family.  And most of the ingredients were easy to find, I found curry leaves at Bin Inn in the fridge for only about $2.70.

The first recipe to try with the Goan Fish Curry. It was delicious. I didn't make it too spicy as the kids were eating it but it was still so tasty and will definately feature in our future meal plans.
Ive had to take the photographs from the book as I am not very good at photographing food!!!
Next up we tried the Butternut and Lamb Stew from the Morrocon Section.  A good hearty meal, great winter comfort food.

For my birthday Mum made Mum's Lambs Shanks (from the New Zealand section). OH. MY. GOODNESS!! They were delicious. I love Lamb Shanks!

The final recipe we tried was the Chickpea Stew and Pancetta from the Spanish section.

When making this I just wasn't sure it was going to work... right up the end I was questioning whether, what appeared to be glorified baked beans, were going to even taste any good. 

Well, I was pleasantly surprised!!  These turned out to be my FAVOURITE recipe of the whole book (so far!). The recipe was SO easy and oh the taste!!!!  Superb.... I um got so excited by the taste I completely forgot to take a photo!... so here's another from the book!!

I am looking forward to trying more recipes from this great book.  It is full of recipes that appeal to our family and also they are easy to adapt to my food allergies.

I would throughly recommend getting a copy for your own shelf!!!


Sima J said...

hmmm goan fish curry? Can't say that peaks my interest .. lamb shanks however .. YUM! I have to say I'm not much of a recipe book user unless it's baking (and therefore has to be measure correctly usually!). I usually grab recipes off blogs/internet and if they work well they make it into my personal 'best recipes' book :-)

Sima J said...

p.s. I had to google 'goan fish' to see what it was haha - I didn't realise it's not actually a TYPE of fish!

PaisleyJade said...


Little Gumnut said...

oooh, I love the sound of those recipes and the book! Sounds delish!

Helen said...

They look fantastic, healthy and oh so yummy! I am a huge fan of lamb shanks too. Masterchef Australia has just started screening over here, but I somehow just can't get into it without the company of my FIL. Watching it was our ritual together. :( One of the downsides about living in a different country!

sweetnektar said...

Yum!! I wasn't sure about this book.....LOVE Masterchef and loved Brett but for some reason wasn't inspired to even pick it up and have a look as I have been otherwise occupied by other books at the moment! Thanks for posting this....that chickpea dish looks divine! Love chickpeas so might have to a look at this book!!